Nights In

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Fripp & Eno

What's it called?: 
Live in Paris 28.5.1975
What does it sound like?: 
This three cd set at long last presents this legendary concert in fully restored sound quality, with the live audio now synched with the rediscovered and restored original studio backing loops used in
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Travis & Fripp

What's it called?: 
Discretion CD/DVD-A
What does it sound like?: 
Theo Travis - flautist, saxophonist and more recently member of Steven Wilson's band.
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FKA Twigs

What's it called?: 
What does it sound like?: 
LP1 sounds like the future. It is a thoroughly modern record with few discernible instruments and little that could be described as a melody.


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Guardians Of The Galaxy

So, sentient trees, talking raccoons and sexy green-skinned assassins fighting evil cosmic forces to save the universe? Nah, the real story here is the intergalactic journey of a mixtape.


This film had been on my list of films to see since the end of last year. Unfortunately I was out of the country when it hit the cinemas and it had gone by the time I returned.

Once Upon A Time In Anatolia

This is a slow-motion chamber epic that creates an atmosphere that has more in common with literature than Michael Bay.


An Audience With Donovan

As a fundraiser for the esteemed London arts venue The Horse Hospital and as a curtain raiser for SATURATION 70

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Thames Valley Mingle @ Blue's Smokehouse, Bracknell

The Thames Valley chapter of the Afterword clique are meeting for mingling and meat at Blue's Smokehouse BBQ, Thursday 4th September @ 7.30-8pm

The Distillaires present a distillation of American roots music

I'm breaking cover to let you know about a gig that I'm doing. I am a member of a duo playing a mix of blues, jazz, standards, country and roots music.

Nights Out

The Waterboys - Moseley Folk Festival

Moseley Folk Festival
Having not really kept up with Mike Scott post Fisherman's Blues, I was expecting a predominantly acoustic and traditional instruments line-up.
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Kate Bush - spoiler free review

Hamnmersmith Odeon (Eventim Apollo? - yuck!)
We never thought this something good was gonna happen - there's no reason for her to do it apart from the joy of playing live after 35 years.
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Kate Bush

Hammersmith Apollo
*************S P O I L E R S****************** IF YOU ARE GOING PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T READ THIS YET!! I had no expectations going in, I knew there was a performance of The Ninth Wave and


Life after the State

Dominic Frisby
It's about: 
I’d have to admit that the idea of a stand-up comedian writing about a serious topic doesn’t sound all that promising, but Dominic Frisby has managed to pull off a quite startling achievement; he has
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Emma Jane Unsworth
It's about: 
The opening line tells you most of what you need to know: 'You know how it is. Saturday afternoon.

How to Build a Girl

Caitlin Moran
It's about: 
It’s the 1990s, teenager Johanna Morrigan lives in a Wolverhampton council house with an unemployed father, a depressed mother and four unruly siblings.


What's Gaelic for 'enough, already'?

For various reasons, I decided to delay watching the Scottish referendum debate, electing instead to catch up with it on media player. It turned out to be pretty much everything I had expected and I’d be surprised if it changed anyone’s mind about how they are going to vote.

The day we (nearly) won the World Cup

25 years ago, Scotland hosted the FIFA under-16 World Cup. I attended quite a few of the games with some football-loving friends, having been part of the small minority who appeared to give a damn about the tournament in the early stages.

Armchair Electronica Volume 6: Synthesising Music in the 20th Century: It's a Classical Gas Gas Gas

What we are doing now is not important for itself but one day someone might be interested enough to carry things forward and create something wonderful on these foundations.

Delia Derbyshire