Nights In

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Mike Oldfield

What's it called?: 
The Studio Albums 1992-2003
What does it sound like?: 
As the title suggests, a collection of the eight albums released between 1992-2003. This includes four well known works and four lesser known ones.

New Orleans Soul

What's it called?: 
The original sound of New Orleans Soul - 1966-76.
What does it sound like?: 
The wonderful Soul Jazz Records have come out with another of their inspired compilations - this time of Soul from the Crescent City.

Hiss Golden Messenger

What's it called?: 
Lateness of Dancers
What does it sound like?: 
My first instinct was to avoid this album at all costs because I really do not like the Band name. Then I read Uncut reviews and was intrigued. My resistance evaporated and I went and bought it.


Hannibal (Seasons 1&2)

First off, this is not for everybody it is very, very, very gory and really hard to watch in places.

The War of the Worlds

HG Wells' greatest triumph as a writer, The War of The Worlds adapted well to the 1950s.

Quatermass and the Pit

The tube extension at Hobbs End is interrupted by an archaeological dig when a fossil skull is found.


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Dexys Bootleg Runers play London!

There is but one band that plays ALL the music from ALL the Dexys era.

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CBVD Cloudcast Ep 9

Got a round tuit today. More freshly hand-picked records from the boot sales of Suffolk (including one just for Beany). Apols in advance for mildly erratic sound levels - gremlins.

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Glossop Record Club - John Peel Night

Glossop Record Club returns on Thursday 9th October for JOHN PEEL NIGHT, curated and hosted by record club regulars Gavin Hogg and Steve McNamee.

Nights Out


The Hexagon, Reading.
Having never seen them in their prime this was my 3rd Clannad gig in 18 months. With a new album out, it wasn't just a Greatest Hits show, and the new songs sound wonderful anyway.
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Andy Zaltzman

ARC, Stockton on Tees
Everyone's favourite Art Garfunkel/Three Stooges lookalike and co-Bugler rolls up in the birthplace of the safety match and satirises to order.

Nerina Pallot

Komedia, Bath
Nerina Pallot is one of those artists that I always quite liked, and is one of my wife and I's car journey favourites(see also Crowded House). She hasn't always fit in with my listening,


Great Lost Albums

Mark Billingham, David Quantick, Martyn Waites & Stay Sherez
It's about: 
The Great Lost Albums that hardly anybody knows about but should be much better known.
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The Paying Guests

Sarah Waters
It's about: 
Set in 1922, Frances Wray and her mother are renting out their house in Champion Hill, SE London (very well-known to me.) Lillian and Leonard Barber come to stay, and Frances begins an intimate relati
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The Zone of Interest

Martin Amis
It's about: 
There was an old fairy tale about a king who asked his wizard to create a magic mirror - one that when you looked into it showed not your own reflection but your soul.


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Paul Simon - Paul Simon (January 1972)

In December 1971, our house acquired its first stereo. My dad had obviously planned it for a long time. He bought separates and wall furniture to rest them on, including a large record cabinet. The speakers were placed high on the wall on either side of the front window.

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I call it Weatherallism

My friends! I have made an important musical discovery. I have uncovered a movement that came and went unremarked and worse -- unforgivably -- unnamed.

The Scottish Referendum: Head, heart and gut.

I was on a training course the other day. At the end of the course, the participants had to fill in one of those monitoring forms where they ask about your age, gender, ethnicity and all the rest of it.

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