Nights In

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What's it called?: 
The Yes Album CD DVD Bluray
What does it sound like?: 
The next in the series of remixes by Steven Wilson has arrived. Jon Anderson mentions in the sleeve notes that this 1971 work felt like the first real Yes album, hence its title.
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Miles Davis

What's it called?: 
MILES AT THE FILLMORE – Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series Vol. 3
What does it sound like?: 
It's hard to believe but a stellar Miles Davis septet, at their commercial peak, were the support act for the sweet Laura Nyro in 1970.

Parker Millsap

What's it called?: 
Parker Millsap
What does it sound like?: 
Recommended to me by an American chum, this eponymous offering is ten tracks of the most astonishing melange of old timey country, blues, gospel and soul.


Under The Skin

“I’m only going to see it, if it’s got a good review in the Daily Mail!” said my Vin Diesel, action-film loving friend.
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20 Feet From Stardom

'That walk from back by the drum riser to the front of the stage - it's complicated' says The Boss in this Oscar winning documentary on the unsung singing stars of popular music.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Hold onto your hats folks it's another pointlessly daft Wes Anderson film, with the usual Maguffins, silly jokes, outlandish costumes, fantastic sets (the hotel interior is actually an Art-Deco d


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Record Sleeve tumblr and my mixcloud

I made a tumblr page of photographs I took of my records, as you do.

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Record Store Day - Love Music, Glasgow - The Primevals (and many others)

As part of Record Store Day, Love Music in Glasgow are putting on 13 bands in the shop.

Some of the bands (including the Primevals) have records out as part of Record Store Day.

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Hey you, Northern types! - Word In Your Ear Manchester

These lovely people - Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Stuart Maconie are coming to your town

Nights Out

Roddy Woomble

Kitchen Garden Cafe, Kings Heath, Birmingham
Love his 1st solo LP, but hadn't kept up in the interim, so a tad uncertain what would unfold. I knew the venue, tho', thinking it would be suitably intimate and confessional.

Merzbow / Gustafsson / Pandi Trio

Oval Space, Hackney
Merzbow is prolific both as a solo artist and a keen collaborator, having released well over 300 albums.

Petulant Frenzy

Lewisham Hotel Sydney Australia
"We play Zappa and we mean it" it says on their website. And they do, both - play it and mean it. I've seen this band many times over the years and they're great.


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A Bigger Prize

Margaret Heffernan
It's about: 
Modern society with saturated with notions of competition and "survival of the fittest" improving our lives.

The Free

Willy Vlautin
It's about: 
An emotionally damaged Vet Leroy returning home from the war in Iraq attempts to take his own life resulting in a prolonged hospital stay.

Owning the Earth: The Transforming History of Land Ownership

Andro Linklater
It's about: 
Land. Private property. Ownership. What it is, what it means. It's absolutely fascinating, written well by a polymath.


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At the weekend I visited friends who live in an apartment that overlooks the large Western Harbour at Leith Docks.

Louisiana Red

The ongoing discussion of favourite blues artists has prompted me to post this. It was written in 1996 for the Orbis series The Blues Collection which all came with appropriate CDs. I'm sure many here will recall seeing them in WH Smith and like.

Football on the Radio

I don’t know if there was, or ever will be, a ‘golden age’ of radio football commentary, but having been an avid listener for more years than I care to remember, I’d be willing to posit the view that we are not living through it right now.