I went to see the film Pride tonight, I had no idea about it until I heard Kermode & Mayo give it a big thumbs up last week.

Set during the 12 month miners strike, it was unashamedly a feel good film, but it also portrayed some of the real fears/ concerns/ prejudices that were prevalent at the time (1984).

The ensemble cast were superb, with Imelda Stoughton, Bill Nighy & Paddy Considine being amongst the highlights, & Dominic West as a gay actor being simply outstanding. His dancing, on the tables in a south Wales miners welfare club to "Shame, shame, shame" by Shirley & Co had me laughing out loud.

The soundtrack was eclectic & included Bronski Beat, Billy Bragg & others.

All in all strongly recommended, quite possibly my favourite film of the year so far.

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Scottish Election latest

And we've just heard that Alex Salmond has held Inchmore

That's not a result it's just a bit of gossip.....

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Username Scrabble

To alleviate my anxiety about the potential loss of our Scottish friends and the doomsday scenario threatened by the Ebola virus [now officially a threat to world peace and security, according to the UN secretary-general], I have just indulged in a little game of Username Scrabble and worked out that the value of "madfox" is 19, at an average of 3.16666667 per letter. Well, that kept me occupied for a few minutes.

Anyone else worried or bored enough to work out theirs? Mindless, I know.

I'm winning at the moment, though.

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Farmer with GSOH

Seen today on a rural Scottish road a sign saying "mud on road", followed shortly by another saying "Slade on tour".

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Sound effects bloke from Police Academy doing Whole Lotta Love

Ok Folks, you know you are going to watch this, I can assure you it's brilliant.

From Dangerous Minds, a brilliant site well worth your while if you aren't aware of it...

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I've taken a 3 month break

Have I missed much? Who's still here? Oh and in case you'd forgotten........

I still think the Monkees were better than The Beatles
I still think man didn't land on the moon
I still think McIntyre is funnier than Lee
I still think the 80's were the most exciting and imaginative time in modern music
I still don't know what a Mahavishnu is
I still think Ronaldo is better than Messi
I still think Middlerabbit is innocent
I still think they will vote no
I still don't believe Lenny is a dentist
I still think the royal family is ok
I still think Cameron is the best of a godawful bunch
I still think Del Amitri are the most underrated band of all time
I definitely think I missed you all and look forward to talking shite with you for a bit

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Anybody downloaded it yet? I just have and it is generating scary amounts of heat from my iPhone!!

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Cuddly Crabs

If you've ever wanted to give you loved one the gift of crabs (or syphilis or gonorrhea) without the messy backstory about where you got it from (or the messy whatever the opposite of backstory is in the future) then your prayers have been answered. Soft toy versions of STD's.

I give you crabs -

and syphillis -

More here -

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Last unnecessary (and quite uncalled for) referendum post from me

It's been a long time since I'd voted, and never since moving to Dundee, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I arrived at the polling station, followed the arrows and arrived in a room.

There was one man there holding a tray with two soft drink cans on it with just the letters A and B on them.

"Ready to choose?", he asked.

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Jamie T

I have no idea who this guy is but they have been playing this song on 6 Music quite a lot. It is very catchy - I love it. Perfect pop but it reminds me of another record and I can't think what:

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Answers to Wednesday's Quiz Questions

1. 89.7 Hz
2. An accident with Rob Halford's lawnmower
3. Wanked himself to death
4. Brian May
5. His MiniMoog short-circuited when he knocked a can of Double Diamond over it
6. 23 times, surprisingly
7. 1962 Deluxe models, manufactured in the California factory between June and September, have off-white pickguards
8. Played second theremin in the James Last Orchestra
9. Doctors removed a live lobster from her rectum
10. The famous spoons solo was actually played by John Paul Jones

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The correct use of soap?

Astonishing scientific breakthrough! Researchers at Brown University have come to the conclusion that we are very likely to smell similarly to people who share our political beliefs.

Just think of the revolutionary effects this development could have! Imagine if it were true in other walks of life too.

Marketing people, for example, could identify the body odour of a Mötörhead fan, and then they could direct their sales efforts far more effectively.

Perhaps there's even a special fragrance to those who contribute here: Essence d' Apres-Parole?

Who nose?

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Books that should be turned into albums

There's a current post on the Onion's AV Club (here) about books that should be made into albums, and who should be recording them. This, for example, is why the Wu-Tang Clan should be looking after A Song Of Ice & Fire:

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Short quiz

To distract me from getting my lies straight on this job application.

What do the following songs have in common?

Mannish Boy - BB King
Over And Over - Hot Chip
I've Been Tired - Pixies
Trouble - Elvis Presley

Told you it was short!

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Music to do stuff to

I am sitting at work writing a Board paper, whilst listening to Pink Floyd ("Pulse", since you ask). it occurs to me that I subconsciously tend towards certain genres for certain activities, for example:

Work stuff - proggy, instrumental, dystopian trauma soundtrack type things
Cooking - breakfast - Mozart, stirring classical
Cooking - dinner - country music - ideally a Texas radio station over the internet
Cleaning - something with a groove - reggae, Funkadelic. Put some swing in your shower scrub
Mountain biking - something rootsy and acoustic - riddly diddly folk or bluegrass - Lau, Tony Rice etc
Gardening - rarely music. "The Archers" podcast is good
Driving - fusion - manic guitar playing - Mahavishnu Orch and filials - Billy Cobham, Al DI Meola...or some Zappa
Late night chilling - predictably, jazz. Something cool - Miles, Dexter Gorden

How do you soundtrack doing stuff?

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Thought it was about time we had a thread on this topic.

My own position: I'm not concerned, the ones who flounce always come back.

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Raining on referendum day.

Typical BRITISH weather. Damn the union!

Scotland has a chance to change all that today as we go to the polls. In a last-ditch appeal for votes before campaigning ended Alex Salmond said:

"300 years of British rule, 300 years of crappy weather. The Scottish people want to live in a warmer, drier country. For too long we've had it chucking it down in Glasgow but just a bit drizzly in Aberdeen. Ending that inequality is at the heart of our beliefs. For too long prevailing winds from the south have blown English rainclouds north of the border and then had them pish all over our beautiful mountains and ruin sports days and Highland Games events. Remember that afternoon two months ago when it was sunny and well hot for over an hour? It could be like that every day, even in winter. Vote Yes and Scotland can take full control of our own climate."

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A Song For Scotland

No words or polemic, just post a song that sums up your feelings.

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One of the best things to come out of Scotland

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Channel 4 Debate

Any thoughts?

Wasn't heartened by the quality of debate and some panellists took the idea of my enemy's enemy is my friend a bit too far. Interesting to see smug luvvies sharing the platform with Brian "Keep the Clause" Souter. Seeing Brian Cox up there made me think of Only an Excuse's skewering of Sean Connery's SNP credentials: "I love Scotland because of its beautiful scenery, warm and friendly people and it's rich and varied culture. But most of all I love Scotland because I live in Marbella." Vivienne Westwood.....please! Lesley Riddoch talking about elites having been privately educated and been to Oxford. Scott Hastings delivering a team talk. Will Sir Tom Devine hand back his knighthood after performing like a character from a David Lodge book. I don't think so.

I fear that for all the talk of getting rid of one political elite it will only be replaced by another elite, one which is an even more cynical and formidable operator, having survived in the bitter, divided and occasionally sectarian battleground of Scottish politics.

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