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Is Kate Bush prog?

The Prog magazine welcomes the "Queen of Prog" back to the stage. But is the 80s Synclavier poppet prog? Admittedly she made overblown synth drenched albums with lofty lyrical ambitions and created elaborate stage shows with arty intent, and was possibly chin stroking and "authentic"...argh...argh...sorry, but KATE IS PROG. Haaaaaa haaaa haaa. Check your narrow trousers at the door, boys. (And they will, mostly, be boys.)

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The coolest cameo ever

I'd completely forgotten this.

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Coincidences have nothing to do with God

I think our beliefs are formed by logical connections made between things that we believe to be true. Like parts of a mathematical formula, you can prove the truth to another person if you really want to. We know that gravity exists and once we got our heads around that, it explained a great many things to unanimous agreement. Onto the next thing we don't know.

The more we question the logic of our beliefs, the more we can get to the truth. I think one day coincidences will be explained away successfully. I like Bill Bryson's take on this. Basically, coincidences happen rarely but they only get attention when they do. No attention is paid when they don't. The hundreds/thousands of times you get on a train and you *don't* meet someone from your past is never noted. Most people will have a handful of coincidence stories - but our lives involve an infinite number of possible permutations. Eventually, something weird is going to happen.

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ATM: Smokeless coal

Just that. Any recommendations - brands, suppliers? Any to avoid?

Go on - make me hot.

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What's Your Favourite Aphorism?

I'm not talking about one-liner gags here but great short quotes which sum up a wider truth and which you find inspiring.

Twitter is great for these. And whilst a lot of people have tried it over the years/centuries, very few of them really stand up to the test of time. But here's a few of my personal favourites:

In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's mind there are few. ~Shunryu Suzuki

I have discovered that all of mans unhappiness derives from only one source, not being able to sit quietly in a room. Blaise Pascal

When you cut into the present, the future leaks out. William S. Burroughs

You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.— Saul Bellow

Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.
—Albert Camus

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? ~ T.S. Eliot

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. ~ Nelson Mandela

Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood. — T.S. Eliot

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Herzog/Popul Vuh

Ploughing (enjoyably) through the BFI Werner Herzog Blu-Ray box set at the moment. Beside the genius filmmaking and the manic, somewhat scary Klaus Kinksi, one of the most striking things about Herzog films are the wonderful Popuh Vuh soundtracks.

David Stubbs explains this much better than I ever could here:

I may write a review of the set if I think my rubbish writing is up to it!

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They never stood a chance

An archive piece from the New Statesman when columnist Paul Johnson put a band, older contributors may remember them, called The Beatles to the sword with this literary skewering.

Thank The Lord for Paul Johnson, otherwise I might have ended up going to things called "pop concerts" and wasting my time in other trivial ways.

Cultural commentary! Phew!

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Blondie's New York... and the Making of Parallel Lines

Tonight 9pm BBC4; the making of pop classic, followed by a repeat of this year's Glasto set.

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Oooh lush!

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Videos on the Afterword [Slight Return]

No reply option on Admin1's post, so had to post this.

I'm all in favour of the video clean-up; those pages took AGES to load even on a full-blown computer set-up. But could people posting YouTube URLs please say what they are linking to - I don't really want to take a diversion to something I'm not interested in or something I've seen before. I think that would be really helpful. Unless, of course, the surprise element is of the essence. Cheers.

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How we made..."Why The Long Face?"

We never met the guy who wrote the scripts. Once a week a package would appear in our numbered Post Office box, we'd get a card notifying us and schlep down there to collect it. Four pages of tightly-typed manuscript, instructions on sound effects, occasionally a handwritten note in the margin emphasising some point of the stage directions, typed up in twelve point Times New Roman and all contained within a plain manila envelope postmarked 'Somerset'.
We would have to book a studio at short notice and rush down there to record the session in advance of our weekly broadcasts on Why The Long Face? I played the 'Bryer' character, adopting a forced laconic manner and a hard-boiled Dashiel Hammet-style delivery in line with what I though the character demanded and Neale took on the other parts, occasionally dubbing in a sample from an old Laurel and Hardy two reeler or adopting a breathy close-miked femme fatale persona as the episode demanded.

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'I am a new man'

Well a ‘Numan’, actually. An associate yesterday announced he had recently changed his surname by deed poll and had just received his passport bearing his new surname. His passport mug shot also bears an uncanny likeness to Mr Electric.

To say he is a Gary Numan freak would be an understatement – vis a vis dyed jet black and electric blue hair, black clothing, painted fingernails, zero boots, etc. He is 50 years old.

I know we are among some die-hard music fans here, but how far would you go to emulate your musical hero? Indeed, do you?

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Would you want Flaubert as a flatmate?

I was at the pub last night with some pals. For some reason the conversation turned to authors, poets and playwrights and what truly awful flatmates they would make.

Coleridge? He’d be up all night smoking opium and having strange visions.

Dostoyevsky? When he wasn’t suffering from angst or brewing up enormous saucepans of bortsch on the cooker would probably be plotting to murder the landlady.

Jane Austen? She’d probably be fairly genteel and well-behaved. But I suspect Jane would get very tetchy if you didn’t do the washing up or left food in the fridge.

Any other nightmare literary flatmates?

Is there any literary figure who you would actually consider sharing a flat with?

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Pick Up The Gauntlet, Gordon...

It has come to my attention, and indeed caused me more than a degree of displeasure, to note that one or two rotters and bounders on this site have suggested that I may be in fact envious of Mr Tantric Lute Spanker. This is a very serious matter, and I do not take such accusations lightly, and so via the Astral portal that is the Etherweb, I do hereby challenge Mr Spanker to a TANTRIC DUEL, here, in Nether Snurtle, on the occasion of the next Full Moon.

I shall of course, need a second, and more importantly, a partner in this glorious and heroic challenge. Other than being carbon based, you must be a SFWTB AW Hipchick, pleasing to the Third Eye as well as the ones below it, and you must go like a khazi door in a hurricane. Remember, I am not doing this as cheap and tawdry way in which to cop off, but to preserve my honour, nay, the honour of you all, because that's the kind of selfless cat I am.

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Grateful Dead Alumni

Who's your favorite?

Brother Jerry
Brother Bob
Brother Phil
Brother Mickey
Brother Bill
Brother Pigpen
Brother TC
Brother Keith
Sister Donna
Brother Brent

and Runners up...
Brother John (Barlow)
Brother Vince
Brother Bruce

Insights, in jokes, piss takes, and random guesses welcome.

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Why haven't I played The Monkees?

Many moons ago, seduced by snake oil charm, I bought The Monkees Original Album Series for less than a tenner. It sits on my shelf unopened.

Go figure.

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Prog got a bad rap..

Sometimes it was very heavy...almost "punk" and definitely "post punk".

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'School of Rock' Radio4-Extra prog, also tomorrow (orig broadcast 2006) Andy Kershaw and guests discuss being University social secretaries and music scene during the 1970's.

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The inevitable Kate Bush podcast - calling all gig attendees

After the run of gigs has finished we shall have a celebratory podcast.

We'll have the usual handful gathered together on Skype but would love to include contributions from as many people who attended the gigs as possible. - "the smug bastards" you may call them.

So if you are going and can record your thoughts either\and before\ after (not during that would be rude) so we can slip them into the podcast. So if you are unable to do a full podcast but can contribute mp3 of wry commentary then just get in touch with meself here or on Twitter or via the podcasts FB page.


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