The best single of 1979 was....

If you thought 1986 was a golden seam then mine here!

I am so over come with the quality I don't now where to start.

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Edwyn Collins film klaxon

The Possibilities are endless- now on Itunes
That is about all I know

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Jack Bruce R.I.P

Just announced via Twitter - phe passing of the legent that was Jack Bruce:
It is with great sadness that we, Jack’s family, announce the passing of our beloved Jack: husband, father,...

Driving force of Cream in my book. But seemed to loose his way later.

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10 years gone...

10 years ago today, I was processing new releases in the tiny stock room at the back of Virgin Megastore Express in Tamworth (Don't look for it, it's not there anymore). Unusually that week there weren't any new albums I wanted to listen to that week so I turned on Radio 1 just in time to hear the opening bars of "Teenage Kicks".
I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting to hear "Call On Me" by Eric bloody Prydz as it seemed to be on there every 20 minutes or so at the time. 2 minutes and 28 seconds later Teenage Kicks started again and I somehow knew what it meant. I sat in shocked silence as the song played out again and the usually annoyingly perky Radio 1 presenter sombrely confirmed that John Peel had died.

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Little Victories

Because I'm stupid, I decided to sell my one year old iPad Air and get the new one. It looked like they were in short supply but I walked into PC World and they did have one so happy days.

I certainly couldn't afford to replace it without selling the old one so I listed it on eBay as soon as got home. I pressed "List", got up from the computer and by the time I had walked to my kitchen the eBay app on my phone told me it had sold AND the money had been paid! This is not a long walk.

This is quickest I've ever known something sell - and I didn't under price it by any stretch of the imagination.

Any other little victories out there, not confined to eBay, of course?

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Lost masterpieces of epic, allegorical, Polish sci-fi cinema

Ruby has just written a great review of Jane Weaver’s new album. The Silver Globe. Addictive stuff.

It’s inspired by Andrzej Zulawski’s 1980s sci-fi epic On the Silver Globe. Yikes! It looks like a pretty intensive movie.

Here’s the trailer:

Not too many laughs there I fear. Extremely impressive but I fear it could be as grim as a wet weekend in Warsaw.

One of the most expensive films in Polish film history, the story of how Zulawski made it is an epic in itself. The Culture Minister, fearing a hidden political message, ordered that everything that had been filmed should be destroyed. Mercifully, that didn’t happen.

Read more here:

Here’s another good piece on the film which includes a link so that you can watch it.

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Eric B and Rakim (Sample Source mix)

Morning all,
This week's mix is Eric B and Rakim's "Paid in Full".
I thought it had been a while since I'd done a Hip Hop album and the recent mixes have leaned towards the White rock star side.
Lots of Funk and Soul in this one and surprisingly AC/DC and Mountain.
So if you feel like bringing the Funk give it a go.
 photo Eric-B--Rakim-Follow-The-Leader-463413_zps2e6084c7.jpg

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Telling Your Fortune

Recently I was persuaded to go and pay a visit to a "fortune teller"... yes yes I know, phonies and charlatans each and every one of them. Now a wee bit of background here. I was born out of wedlock as it were, and me Mum and I stayed with my Granny, and as Mum worked all day my Granny did most of my bringing up. Now when I was a nipper, I was a scrawny little runt, my Granny would regularly ply me with crusts of bread, usually soaked in gravy or soup or whatever in an effort to build me up, and to this day, I do not eat crusts of bread.

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Jane Weaver

What's it called?: 
The Silver Bowl
What does it sound like?: 
I'd not heard anything by Jane Weaver at all until 'The Silver Bowl'. I put on yesterday and now I can't stop playing it.
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How Are We Rocking Out?

A Smiths fan, yesterday:

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Kirsty McGee

La Victoria, Bonn
Once a year Kirsty comes to Bonn, with a different accompanist, this time with a pedal steel/mandolin player, Alan Cook, (

The Martian

Andy Weir
It's about: 
An astronaut stranded on Mars, and how on earth (or Mars) one person left behind when the manned mission he was a part of returns home can possibly survive and be rescued.
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A different kind of best guitar solo in the world ever

Lists of favourite/greatest guitar solos can be rather predictable in an as chosen by Rolling Stone magazine kind of way. What's more interesting perhaps are those that go against the windswept, clichéd, gurning-faced, stereotype as typified by the work of messrs. Page, Clapton, Gilmour and Hendrix. As Colin Newman of Wire once, er..., 'sang' - 'avoiding C, D and E, cos E is where you play the blues'. I think he meant to disparage a certain form of rock there. Not that there isn't a place for the classic rock solo, but, you know, it's been done to death list-wise.

I nominate the solo on Bowie's Boys Keep Swinging by Adrian Belew as exemplary and fantastic. I would also like to express great admiration and love for Joey Santiago's improvisations that accompany Kim Deal's big bass groove on No 13 Baby by The Pixies. There's two. Any more?

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Tony Allen

His album Film of Life should appeal to anyone loves their Afrobeat but who also like the updated musical palette of a world informed by the sonic cross-over of Massive Attack, the warm ambient mistrals of dub and the sensuous curves of Grace Jones tracks if she didn't lay down any vocal to those immaculate arrangements that slick her albums. It's one of those records that reminds you of why these genres and acts excited you in the first place and why their permanence in the musical world we inhabit is assured.

Here is Boat Journey by way of evidence.

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Have the Afterword podcasts run their course?

I just thought I'd ask the question. See below for the reason...other than the (inevitable) popularity of the Mark Ellen one I wonder if they are of interest only to the people on them, in which case we could have Skype calls and not go through the fairly time consuming process of editing and preparing for download. Perhaps I'm misreading iTunes but the message seems clear...

 photo podcasts_zpsf3b4fb5c.jpg

Your thoughts?

PS A very reasonable explanation might be that no one is interested in the subjects but half the fun is just listening to people banging on about stuff they're interested in. I suspect, however, we'll never find something everyone is interested in other than if a member of the Word staff rocks up.

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Animals in Rock

Sly and the Family stoat.
Your turn

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ATM - MAC and the radio

Stopping lurking for a moment to ask a question - I've got a Mac and I've updated to Yosemite. Other than the fact that I don't like the font and all the symbols have gone a little but 'Fisher Price' I have a problem -

For the last few months I've been hosting an internet based radio show and I've been putting it together using Audacity. Lovely programme, easy for an idiot like me to use - import all the tracks I need, talk for a bit, click and drag to sort.

Unfortunately Audacity doesn't work with Yosemite and doesn't look like it's going to at any point soon. Or ever. Can anybody recommend a suitable Yosemite compatible app/program that will do the job for me?

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I Am Cured Pt II

After last month's realisation that I certainly don't want any more vinyl and possibly no more cds, I've just been in there Apple store in Covent garden and I realise that I don't want any of their products either. This must be the first time in 11 or 12 years.
I'm sure I'm not alone but I must say I was surprised that there still seems to be a queue to get a new phone.

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Wilco alert

4 cd box set of rarities/unreleased/live coming out on 17th November to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.
On same date a 2 cd compilation of best tracks from their releases.
Nice Birthday present to myself.

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You little Bugger!

My Mom liked to yell this when she got mad...was she calling me a little sodomizer or are "buggery" and "bugger" unrelated? Any other curse words that have lost their impact over the years or examples of colorful mom liked to say "Go to H E two sticks!" all the time as well...wasn't till I was in my teens that I realized it was a nice way of saying "Go to Hell"..;-)

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