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Word of Mouth - Blogger Takeover LXV

It is the first Friday of a new month. October, or as all right-thinking people know it, ROCKtober.

So - please share. What have you been listening to, reading, watching? And is there anything else you would like to share?

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New edition of my magazine, Barmcake

The second issue of my magazine, Barmcake, is out.


I've been going through a funny old year musically. A strange combination of Beck's latest and The Cramps back catalogue threw me down a musical path that has taken in country, alt-country, some folk, The Stones and The Faces, Fleetwood Mac and Springsteen, and stuff that has a similar flavour. A lot of stuff where the main ingredient is the song, and it's a song that primarily can be played on an acoustic guitar. Not unusual for this place then, but not the usual for me over the last couple of decades.

So yes, Gram Parsons, Cowboy Junkies, Elvis Presley, Elvis Costello (King Of America), Maria Mckee, The Stones, Rumours, Miranda Lambert, Dwight Yoakam, Tindersticks, Roddy Frame, Bruce (especially Nebraska and Tunnel Of Love), Wilco and Ryan Adams, Johnny Cash and Kristofferson. A lot of music that I already owned, grew up with and a lot of stuff that has been new to me too.

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Lynsey De Paul - Sugar Me

Ever wondered who Kate Bush (possibly) got her inspiration from? Lynsey has sadly left the planet at a mere 64. She was lovely.

Groovy dancers ahoy! All Night -

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Let's hear it for the (other) boy or girl !

Most bands have a definite and obvious lead singer - but some bands have a back up, another singer in the band, who can be quite handy during live shows to give the lead singer a break and also to add a bit of variety.

I listened to OMDs Architecture and Morality today, and Paul Humphries' rather fragile voice on Souvenir stands out compared to McCluskey's baritone. He sings only occasionally and it usually works quite well.

Martin Gore is 2IC warblesman for Depeche Mode and takes centre stage every now and then. Again, he has a fragile voice that complements Dave Gahan beautifully when harmonising. When he takes the lead vocal though, it can be quite special. A casual listener would never know this is a Depeche Mode song. One Caress.

Are there other good examples?

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And Now My Life Has Changed

in oh so many ways!

I am NOT posting this on the off chance that someone here has contacts in BIO ORGANICS HAIR THERAPY, the leave in conditioner that has quite literraly CHANGED MY BEARD LIFE in immeasurable ways. The silky bliss, the renewed confidence, the tantalizing looks of erotic desire I consistently get near the Waitrose pickles from seriously HOT WOMEN. I had to fight six of them off with a baguette and a bag of organic frozen sweetcorn. The management had to hurry me out the back in the bread van. It was like a scene from A Hard Day's Night. The car park was festooned with sodden underwear like so much bunting of unfulfilled sexual desire.


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Beatles outtake.

I hadn't heard this before- maybe some of you have- but it's quite interesting (and catchy!). I reckon it's around the time of the White Album, does anyone here know more about it?

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Sheridan Smith: Tonight, Matthew, I am Cilla Black

My word, she has shaped up into a very good actress. She was superb as Cilla Black in the recent ITV dramatisation of the singer's early years. I thought it was a fine piece of TV, whether you are a Cilla fan or not. I'm not; neither her voice nor her personality. But I love the era, and I do rather like some of the songs. Sheridan did all the singing herself. She didn't impersonate Cilla's singing voice, she just did her own thing and the show was all the better for that. But she did capture perfectly Ms Black's youthful spirit: her joie de vivre, her nerviness, her gradual growth in confidence, her eventual ruthlessness with hubby-to-be Bobby Willis.

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What's it called?: 
What does it sound like?: 
The first words that come to mind are "Psychedelic", "Prog" and "but with tunes".
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Jeremy Vine - "the greatest pop single ever made"

Whilst changing CDs yesterday, Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine played a 70's record and said these words "the greatest pop single ever made?"

What do you think? I thought it was his brother that was the comedian.

He also thought Johnny Marr's new single was good rather than an attampt to sound like New Order but ending up with a Revenge B-side

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What's it called?: 
Art Official Age
What does it sound like?: 
Fun, frivolous, funky, flirtatious, freaky, futuristic and fabulous. The effin' little genius is back.
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Image resolution 10

Month 10 in the image resolution house and I'm entering double figures! Following a spontaneous decision in January to sketch every day this year, persistence, routine and fine selections of music from tiggerlion, as well as friendly comments from other Afterworders, have kept me buoying along. Thank, everyone!
This month's twin themes are water (cheers for the idea, mini!) and ligne claire (you know, the sort of Tintin style black lines).
Here is the first one, Vessels of Lib(er)ation, prompted by tig's kind posting of Laurie Anderson - Statue of Liberty. I love Laurie, and can never hear her enough - beautiful, beautiful music.

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Anyone tried 'Ello'

They are aiming to be an alternative to Facebook with no adverts' and will not sell your data.

'Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers.

We originally built Ello as a private social network. Over time, so many people wanted to join Ello that we built a public version of Ello for everyone to use.'

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Rafferty on the Today programme

Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan paraphrased on the Today programme this morning.

James Naughtie: "David Cameron - Labour to the left of him, UKIP to the right* "

Just thought I'd say.

(* I suppose he could have continued "... and stuck in the middle with Nick")

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Shock news: Pigeons to be enfranchised in Clacton by-election.

You couldn't make it up.

Only in Essex? I doubt it.

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Do some people have opinions/faces you have the urge to slap?

Michael Gove meets that criterion for me.

His pointless bleating following Cameron's speech was dire and stirred up feelings of loathing I rarely feel.

I am neutral on the politics, it is just him.

Ed Balls raises similar feelings.

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The 1945 settlement

Or post-war settlement, if you will.

I apologise for starting another political thread, but this is something that fascinates me, and many of the posters on here are the only people of a left of centre position (largely) that I get to talk with this stuff about.

As I understand it, the 1945 settlement proposes a social model whereby the underlying system is a free market capitalist system. From that system are taken taxes which in turn fund free healthcare, free education and a cradle to grave welfare state. The peace dividend/hero's reward, if you will.

There have been extremes, such as 90% tax on "un-earned" income in the 70's, and the enormous socialisation of bank losses post 2008.

Recently I have read many pieces suggesting that the 1945 settlement is fundamentally broken and cannot be fixed. In the face of competition from emerging economies, it is just not viable. A new way needs to be found for the West as a whole.

Is this right? And if so, what might that new way be?

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Cameron's Conference Rap

Hat's off to whoever put this together. Superb stuff.

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Help a song needed

I'm looking for a song for the end of Taming of the Shrew which is basically about women manipulating / getting the upper hand over men.

I could think of 'If I was the Woman and you were the Man' cowboy junkies
and 'Man Smart. Woman Smarter' Harry Belafonte.
As the musical knowledge of the Afterword is wide ranging I'm sure there must be others
Can anyone think of any more?


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West Country Tribute Bands

This morning, apropos of nothing save for a brief conversation about Bristol, the tribute band name "Brizzle Kicks" popped into my head, prompting a flurry of further occidental English japery. As I know you lovely people on here love this sort of thing, I thought it only fair to throw it open to you.

So - I'll start with the aforementioned Brizzle Kicks, and chuck in Eighth Wonder featuring Pasty Kensit and leave you mentally travelling down the M4 (or A303).

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