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Bloody kids today

In my day I had a paper round. None of this mucking about playing 21st Century Schizoid Man. Brilliantly.

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What Emily Barker did next

She has a new album out, called Vena Portae, which is actually the name of the band as well, recorded with a couple of blokes in Sweden.

It's quite lovely, as you might expect. Here's track 1:

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Elbow in Melbourne

The Forum
Ever had a band where you keep seeing them trying to relive that huge rush the first time you saw them? Elbow is like that for me.

I am just a Cowboy.

The big Phillips radio-cassette player was heavy. We walked everywhere. I am amazed, looking back, how much we walked. We lived 2 1/2 miles from Guildford Town Centre but we walked into town all the time. A gig at Surrey Uni? Another mile or so, further on. So that's a 7 mile round-trip, with the final 2 miles all uphill. Amazing.

Anyway, by the time we had walked down to the riverside, on the banks of the River Wey, the bloody Phillips weighed a sodding ton. However, it contained a C-90 cassette that I had spent a couple of hours putting together. It contained songs by the band that had filled my summer with joy. Songs that had taken me out of my safe, middle-class environment and into a world of gangs and history, of journeys and anger, of cool and noise.

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Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

Bury Met
I went mainly because my mate is a big fan of swedish fiddle music.

TOTP 1979.

The lovely Carol & I have been watching a recently recorded TOTP 79, & what a stinker it was.

Faith Brown, Iris Williams, Lena Martell, Doctor Hook, Viola Wills & The Dooleys.

Now I know theres no accounting for taste, so I can only give my own opinion here, but I cant think of a worse edition.


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I had no idea.

Huey Lewis was in a band called Clover who backed Elvis Costello and was part of the whole Stiff records scene.....ya learn something new everyday...Any other "non-hip" artists with quite hip credentials?

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Hawkwind. I have never really got them. Is there quality within?

If so, apart from the obvious track, please share it with me.

I know that Dave Brock has referred to his band as "space rockers". That means nothing to me. Are they prog. Are they shit?

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ATM - sound dropping out momentarily

My turn

Got a reasonably high quality marantz CD player and it appears to have started dropping out for less than a second at random but not particularly frequent intervals.

Used the tuner and no problems.

All I have done recently has add an extra set of speakers (B) to the already wired up speakers(A).

Any suggestions?

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Stephen Steinbrink

makes music that's unashamedly romantic, sweet and melodic. His clear, effeminate vocals suggest Jose Gonzalez channelling Christopher Cross but don't let that put you off. His album Arranged Waves displays plenty of familiar territory in its song-based jingle-jangle guitars and warm harmonies to coax old school fans of the softer fringes of that strain of pop rock but also sufficient idiosyncrasies in tone and arrangement to suggest he's a musician with a natural affinity for messing with formulas to raise his game without distressing the core components too much. This is soft and gentle music but with an edge of playfulness to arrest any suggestion of impersonality and token copyism.

Animate Dust

Synthetic Ephemera

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Congrats to Apple CEO Tim Cook on coming out

but since this is Apple, will he come out again in 8 months w/ new features?

(stolen from Michael McKean's twitter feed)

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Elvis Costello, Steve Nieve & Georgie Fame

Royal Albert Hall
Had a hunch EC’s final date this year might yield surprises, so saved my money for it. Firstly EC jaunted thru Point of No Return with the marvelous Georgie & band.

Bad News for get_iplayer users

But you can still use the PID for downloading, a bit more long winded but it still works.

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Public Enemy - ATM

Good news for anyone with a pulse and functioning ears.

Public enemy are releasing deluxe editions of 'It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back' and 'Fear of a Black Planet' with unreleased tracks, live albums and remixes.

Surely only the dimmest bulbs would deny them their place as one of the greatest acts in pop history, but the question I am posing here is this. Which is the best of those two albums? Critical consensus appears to have settled on Nation of Millions, but i think Fear of a Black Planet is by far the strongest LP. I would go as far to say that it is probably in the top ten or top five of all time. The force and invention in it is astonishing, right from the start with the sixteen (?) samples that glue together the assault of 'Brothers Gonna Work It Out' all the way through. The music finally has a weight to match Chuck D's Mount Rushmore tone. But maybe that's because I heard it first.

Any thoughts?

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More than a dozen Berrys

Just delivered at my door: I'm now the proud owner of the brand-new Chuck Berry box set from Bear Family – 16 CDs with his complete studio recordings (Chess, Mercury and Atco) plus two fat coffee-table books.
Don't expect me to write a review anytime soon.

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The Afterword Googlewhack Adventure

As you may or may not know, you can narrow a Google search using the modifier site: followed by the domain (as demonstrated above).

Today's challenge is to search The Afterword to return a Googlewhack — a Google search query consisting of exactly two dictionary words (without quotation marks), that returns exactly one hit.

One to start us off … thrash crumhorn.

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Record player/Amp advice

I have set up a Awia amp with my old Awia record player and bought some basic speakers from Richer Sounds.
Have set everything up but the sound is ridiculously bass heavy, to the point of distortion - regardless of the volume. In fact, sound leaks out of one of the speakers with the volume set at zero!
I'm assuming the amp is too powerful for the speakers?
Speakers say Long Term power 60 watt / short term 100 watt. The amp is 240 watt?
Anyone help?!

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I have done a quick "search this site" and it appears Lucius Have never been mentioned herein. Please correct me if I am wrong, I am not a total regular here. If that is true, Why?
To rectify this situation here is a song from their debut album released this year:

The whole album is this good, it really is.

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Surprisingly un-American, refreshingly un-French, invigoratingly un- Swedish

I recently re-watched Stranger than Fiction a pleasantly quirky movie about a man who starts to hear a narrator’s voice in his head describing his everyday life.

Entertaining stuff with some good performances by the likes of Will Farrell, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman and Maggie Gyllenhaal as an agit-prop biscuit baker.

The scene where Farrell serenades Mags with Wreckless Eric’s Whole Wide World is one of the most romantic and sexy moments I’ve seen on the screen for a while. Ms Gyllenhaal is quite something. Crumbs! I’d hob-nob with her any day!

Much as I love American movies, I have my prejudices about Hollywood and its bombastic, explosive, fast and furious tendencies. This rather literary movie seemed more like the kind of thing they would make in France or Britain somehow.

Some American directors like Woody Allen or Gus Van Sant and also actors have made a career of going against the grain.

What I’d like to hear about is any other films, directors, actors etc you can think of that push the envelope, break the mould or have surprised you in some way,

A few suggestions:

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Controversial thought about Elvis Presley

We have established before that the acts you love as a teenager tend to stay with you for life. Also, the devotion you display and admiration you hold for such acts can be very, very resilient against fair-minded scrutiny.

Many of the acts that we now hold in the highest esteem were initially inspired by Elvis Presley. I have heard more than one elderly rock star say that the moment they heard Heartbreak Hotel was incredibly important. And If Lennon says he's the man, then who am I to argue?

I wasn't a teenager when Elvis was this inspiring. My memory of him is in the jumpsuit years. If he was on TOTP, it was a good opportunity to go to the toilet - hoping that Sparks or Slade might be on next.

All my life, I have respected Elvis largely because some very important people have said that he was marvellous. But I find that I have never listened to a whole album of his. I'm not sure I could stand a whole album.

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