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What act did I buy 4 CDs by today?

EDITED to remove idiotic autocorrect that I just spotted!

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I don't understand the question.

having seen my original question complete with autocorrect gibberish I'm not surprised.

I read it half a dozen times and was concerned I might be losing my marbles.

Are they a band?

A band

I wouldn't like...

are they a band? Egg Friday even?

Is it the Virgin Prunes?


Shot me bolt too soon. I'll be waiting outside then

Well that's a revelation!

Can you eat it?


They are.

rock music?



But less so

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

does that mean they are (for example) a vocal group that do not themselves play instruments?

They aren't a 4 piece guitars bass drums combo

a woman in the band?



Far from it. But glad you're on board Vorg.

Are they a folk group?

I think you could say they are, ish

...it's the Mills Brothers, isn't it?

Not me!

... taking one for the team (if he's still doing it) listening to all their records, is there?

EDIT: It just struck me that my use of the word "records" dates me somewhat.

It's not ver Vish

...Back on track tonight after a well-deserved break in foreign climes.

The Kingston Trio?


at a bluegrass festival?





Good band tho

It is, isn't it?

It isn't!

in the "band"?


Is it The Incredible String Band ?

ISB are Brits aren't they?

Have I missed something ?

I like them!

1. The Grateful Dead. they're American. Some of them are still going. It's gotta be THE DEAD!

2. The Blind Boys of Alabama, perhaps?

But no

Are they a trio?

Not a trio

No beards as far as I can remember

They are a four piece?

male, not guitar/bass/drums, folk-ish, still sort of active after more than 25 years... Simon and Garfunkel?

The RIGHT answer!

Vikings were a bunch of softies really


This is the last series - I'm going to miss watching this lot with my kids very much

Can we have another one? From anyone?

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