Adventures of a Waterboy

Mike Scott
It's about: 
A full history of the life of Mike Scott up to the Weary Rock album: The Waterboys, spirituality and the bizness . Unusually for me, I wasn't that familiar with the Waterboys stuff when I bought this book. - different interests when they were big but i saw them recently and bought the book at the gig. Having read Neil Young and Pete Townshend's book I was jaded with rock stars and their indulgent lives.Mike's book is well written and he comes across as a pretty decent bloke you can imagine being good company and would actually take an interest in you. I found refreshing his love of performance with other musicians - the time in Ireland filled me with envy :good craic. For Waterboys fans there is lots and lots about the making of their/ his records. As he admits, he certainly seems to have had a capricious attiude to success in the business with his his abrupt turns in search of his muse but he accepts the downturns with good grace and perceptive candour.
Length of read: 
Might appeal to people who enjoyed: 
Rock bios with as bit more self awareness .Rock auto bios where the writer can actually write , though like his lyrics he can be bit over wordy. For lovers of the Waterboys it's essential.
One thing you've learned: 
One thing i didn't learn is why he toured America with a whole new band after his Australian tour using Steve Wickham and the gang. The relationship with Steve Wickham is,as he describes it in one passage, almost a case of ove and his observations of Steve recovering from a dark and difficult time were impressive given the apparent self obsession of most 'rock stars'.


The song is off Mr Yeats not covered in the book

You keep posting it and I'll keep watching it!
Looking forward to reading the book.

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