The Beauty Room

Burt Kocain's picture
What's it called?: 
Uh ... "The Beauty Room II"
What does it sound like?: 
1974. This is a surprise. It's fucking lovely. Won't smack you upside the haid first listen, but it's infested with devious earworms that make replays addictive. Basically, we're talking mid-tempo smooth here, a genre that can turn into sludge very easily. TBR manage to hold your attention with great chords, *harmonies!*, lyrics that don't sound too stupid or too smart. Subtle stuff. It's not a knowing, ironic take on smooth pop, either; hearts are worn on sleeves. There's *real* arrangements, *real* singing, and some very impressive studio chops going on. Occasional strings. A Traffic tune! Nicely inflected vocals, somewhere this side of mid-atlantic, democratically arranged - no standout solo vox. Nothing retro about it, it's timeless, although the type of music it sits happily next to is definitely mid-seventies.
What does it all *mean*?: 
It means you'll want to search out their first album, where their influences are occasionally a tad too evident, but it's still another lovely piece of work.
Goes well with …: 
Steely Dan, Alessi Brothers, the merest hint of Tears For Fears (in a good way), wooden decking, jeans and tee, light breeze ruffling the hair, a blonde stretched out along the bench seat of a T-Bird, or failing that, a park bench.
Might suit people who like …: 
Kwalidee music for today people. Lifestyle afficionados. Java aesthetes. Or just ordinary slobs who enjoy a nice record.


over at Emusic, loving the short clips and have put it in my save for later list. I must dig out their previous album, it's here somewhere...

Cheers Burt

Especially in the vocals. The other reminder I got was Hall & Oates. The only things lacking from my life to make enjoying this band complete are a small private island in either the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean and a bank balance north of seven figures. Bathing in this warm luxurious music helps me to forget these shortcomings.

... for the recommendation. Just bought the first album (very cheap on amazon) and will definitely go after the second. They're on similar territory to Zero 7, I reckon.

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