THE BOOGIE time for a reappraisal

The first ( proper) band I saw was when I was about 14 in a smoke filled basement venue at the local Town Hall. The band were called Chain and they were doing their Aussie version of mainly Chicago blues, bit of Robert Johnson , Walking Blues, 32 /20 etc. They had a skinny , raw vocalist/harp player and a fair skinned guitar player with golden locks, John Lennon glasses and a white strat. Their finale that night and for most of their career was a song called rather plainly "Boogie" .

Not one of those country shuffles .Not one of those booooogie-wooooogie songs a la Long John Baldry but a slow grinding groove a la Hooker and Heat with that insistent guitar motif. It went on forever and you never wanted it to stop.

Blues based pub rock was very big in Melbourne and a lot of bands had their own boogie. One band, Carson put out a single Boogie part one and flip it over and you've got yep boogie part 2.

Canned Heat were on the charts with On the Road again and if you bought The Living the Blues LP you got Refried Hockey Boogie part 1 on side one and on side 2 ,right again, Refried Hockey Boogie part 2 replete with extended bass and drum solos from Larry Taylor and Adolfo De La Parra..ok maybe I did want those to stop.But by and large it was perfect for young blokes who couldn't dance but fuck we could nod that head while we sucked on a tinny in our checked flannel shirts and desert boots.

The boogie sort of got castigated allowing with all that other apparently boring lumpen pub rock shit and the world moved on. But the boogie never dies !

Endless Boogie was the name of a John Lee Hooker album and an American outfit has taken it for their name growling inaudible neo death metal vocals , trippy guitar at times but the groove is unmistakably boogie. They've been over here a few times for a blues festival called, you got it , the Boogie festival .I've missed them each time but I'll be there next time ,stubbie in hand head like a nodding dog - but maybe without the desert boots.

Here's a few I compiled on spotify-feel free to add.

If I find some tracks on you Tube I'll post em below.

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