Chuck Prophet: a man on fire

Carl Parker's picture
Islington Assembly Hall, London
26th April 2013
Between Green On Red and his own band gigs I've seen Chuck Prophet more than anyone else. He and the Mission Express are making their annual tour and because I've seen him so often I've got a bit blasé and almost didn't buy tickets. Thank Clapton I didn't. This was one of the very best CP gigs I've ever been to. From the very first song, which despite being new and unknown it was obvious he was up for it. We had a good selection of older songs and quite a lot of Temple Beautiful and a few judicious covers. A fabulous Shake Some Action and a surprising version of Sorrow. As ever hats have to be doffed to co-guitarist James DePrato. Turned down low in the mix for the first couple of songs he was up for it too. He also boasted a twin neck guitar (12 & 6 strings) and had some great moments on slide. especially on Summertime Thing. Sadly in You Did CP did all the heavy guitar work and we didn't get a guitar duel. Stephanie and the others in Mission Express did the business too.
The audience: 
Mostly us older folks, but down on the floor we were wildly enthusiastic. I can't speak for the folks upstairs. Not much camera phone action because we were there to enjoy the moment, not to try and relive it in inferior sound the next day.
Food & drink: 
We ate the Blue Legume across the road. Very nice & friendly serving Mediterranean cuisine. Chuck & Stephanie ate there too. Drink at the venue is a rip off. £4, yes four, for a can of beer. Disgraceful
It made me think: 
I have to tell the world GO AND SEE CHUCK PROPHET & THE MISSION EXPRESS. Oxford tonight, Hebden Bridge, Nottingham, Glasgow, Birmingham and Bury to come. Just go. You'll love me for it. He is brilliant.


Thanks for the tip Carl. Unexpected covers were right up to the grade. Shake some action was up there as was Sorrow. I had a very brief chat with Chuck afterwords and said I'd liked to have heard 'Would you love me'. He said why didn't you ask I'd have played it. I should have but I started the gig at the front left and then decided to stand at the centre towards the back where the sound was much better it would have been a very loud shout from there - maybe next time. As Carl says above try to get to see him while he's here you wont be disappointed. Thanks again Carl/Chuck.

Like you, I've seen CP many, many times (indeed, opened for him on tour, a couple of years ago), but more than happy to see him - and the band - again.
And I agree: James adds a lot. He fakes steel really well on the guitar, for one thing.

wish I'd made it - I've seen Chuck Prophet a few times, and always superb.

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