Congolese legends Rochereau and Franco

What's it called?: 
Francophonic Vol 2 / The Voice of Lightness Vol 2
What does it sound like?: 
Rochereau was the bookend to Franco. Of the same period, the latter could be raw and gritty the former could veer to cabaret. The latter was a guitarist foremost, the former solely a singer. These 2 compilations put out by Sterns in 2009 & 2010 are mainly from the high point of the Congolese sound ( 70s and 80s) and the remastering really has improved what was often some pretty bad sounding records. I've got a lot of their stuff and I applaud the selections. There are many common musicians on these as both band leaders would woo and woo back key musicians. The compilations have been lovingly put together by people who know the music and are highly motivating in the way the describe the songs, tell the history of the music and the questions they ask the surviving musicians. Best of all the booklet has large print like a record cover so even I could read it.
What does it all *mean*?: 
For mine the Congo really is the musical giant of Africa - particularly over this period. This is uplifiting music and lord knows we all need some of that.
Goes well with …: 
Cold beer , warm nights and some room to dance. Having said that this is sophisitcated music which bears concentrated listening as well.
Might suit people who like …: 
Black music and who dont mind not understanding what the singer is saying.
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