What's it called?: 
Urban Turban - The Singhles Collection
What does it sound like?: 
Now I’m not normally the sort of soul who gives much creedance to the musical recommendations of the great and good on my twitter feed. However, Graham Linehan (a master wordsmith) managed in less than 140 characters to give me the push to investigate this 2012 album for a band I have no knowledge of beyond the Fatboy Slim super-charged Brimful of Asha. Urban Turban is a collection of tracks that Cornershop released monthly to subscribers to their ‘Singhles Club’. Having investigated this platter through Spotify I was impressed enough to part with hard-earned capital for the physical product. Well what glorious grin-inducing fun with it all kicking off with ‘What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag?’ in collaboration with the Castle Hill Primary School (naturally). Loads of tracks of happy, dreamy, laid-back, meandering (in a nice way) songs that make the world seem a better place. Especially when played really loud in the car on another trip into the daily grind. A personal favourite is Beacon 303 which celebrates(?) Wolverhampton’s favourite ‘more music choice’(ha!) radio station formerly of the medium wave. Also, Inspector Bamba Singh’s lament with wonderful undulating Punjabi vocals from Amar. The summer’s coming. This is going to be my soundtrack for it!
What does it all *mean*?: 
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