Daft Punk

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What's it called?: 
Random Access Memories
What does it sound like?: 
Once you get over the initial shock/disappointment of the difference in tempo and intensity between this opinion-splitting LP and the three Daft Punk studio albums that preceded it, something happens that today seems rare and special. You fall in love. You become obsessed. You want nothing but to become enveloped in this 74-minute lounge-funk, soft-rock disco love-letter, with its beats, breaks, horns, strings, spaceships, processed vocals and the beating heart of the whole thing: love. Critics may have a point when they say some of the tracks are over-long. 'Motherboard' and 'Game of Love' do plod towards the end and would benefit from some editing, but it's the longest song here, 'Giorgio by Moroder' that seems to end too soon, just as its kitchen-sink final movement really gets going.
What does it all *mean*?: 
Even robots can feel.
Goes well with …: 
Headphones or big speakers.
Might suit people who like …: 
'Albums', sad robots, gettin' down with it.


Let me answer my own question. Of course there f**king won't. Thank you.

is one hell of a album closer! Absolutely fantastic & I will be a very happy man if I get chance to see them do it live. (Please tour!!!!)

Sometimes a track grabs you and won't let you go.


I'm enjoying it but have a sneaking suspicion that it's Daft Punk's 'Borg' album, the one where they've assimilated so much perfection they've lost the robotic imperfections that made them human and exciting over those first 3 albums. A bit like Kraftwerk when technology caught up with them and made their ideas accessible to anyone.

Too many nostalgic tributes in the music, not enough theft and razing to the ground!

It's like the music I used to avoid in the 70s, I didn't like it then, nowadays I'm more tolerant but it won't feature much (if at all) on my playlists.

er, except i love Get Lucky.

and the giorgio moroder track would be nice if he wasn't talking all over it.

&, as I suspected, it's music to listen to rather than to dance to. Should suit me perfectly.

I'm impressed with your technique of adding a video clip in comments. I'll nick that idea if I ever do another Nights In. In fact, I've nicked it already!

I feel like this is Daft Punk's "will get a feature on Front Row" album (it did: I heard it). As Bisto says above, I could do without the homage: I want dirty, fat Daft Punk, not sparkling retro Daft Punk.

But then, I do appear to be one of the five people alive today who doesn't like Get Lucky all that much. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. "Music Sounds Better With You" treads similar ground much better, IMO, melding disco with something really fresh. I miss those big, flat, compressed Bangalter beats going fffwwwwap-SCHT! all over the place.

I like the single but filter disco without the filters seems a bit pointless. Music Sounds Better With You is one fine single by the way, still sounds absolutely sparkling.

As HMV and Fopp were playing it on rotation and I found it disappointing. I love chilled out music as well as the usual Daft Punk fare but this really didn't work for me. Maybe it takes time to really get into it but after a couple of listens it left me a bit cold.

And I like it, but I was surprised at the vein of melancholy running through many of the songs. No bad thing.

magic. A real grower.

I love the 70's disco and funk feel, I'm embarrassing my kids by dancing round the dining room like I'm at a soul all dayer and it's 1989.

Shit, some of it even reminds me of E,W&F.

Has a whole chunk of EW&F in the vocal line.

I love the 70's disco and funk feel, I'm embarrassing my kids by dancing round the dining room like I'm at a soul all dayer and it's 1989.

Shit, some of it even reminds me of E,W&F.

...go on get that out your head now!

Not sure whether I should persevere but found it dull as dishwater

It's like they've got rid of the few dull things they used to do and got straight to the point. Daft Punk got da funk.

vinyl version through headphones right now, I've decided that Nathan East is an absolute genius.

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