What's it called?: 
Stories don't end.
What does it sound like?: 
Not content with writing my favourite song of the last decade (A little bit of everything) on previous album this wonderful band have just released a cracking album. Not sure it is officially released here just yet - I was fortunate to pick it up in the USA last week. The band are now playing with a confidence and exuberance that was perhaps lacking from the previous albums as good as they were. It is almost as if the success has allowed them to take a freer approach. The lyrics are as articulate as ever but the playing is looser and the number of short guitar solos throughout this set are a joy as are their harmonies. I really believe this band will be around for a long time and they have excellent potential. 12 Tracks - hard to pick standouts but I would go for the ballad Just my luck and the jauntier Someone Will that follows it.
What does it all *mean*?: 
Bands making quality music are still around and Taylor Goldsmith has certainly learned the art of songcraft - lyrics as good as his deserve a wide audience.
Goes well with …: 
Driving, relaxing, reflecting - not a band to dance to, they are far more cerebral.
Might suit people who like …: 
There is no denying the Jackson Browne influence and he is yet again name checked in the liner notes. However I have played this half a dozen times this week and the construction of the songs also recalls Fountains of Wayne.


Seen them live so many times & I think they have so much talent, good songs, good voices & stage presence. But I don't think they have captured that energy on record yet, not even on this one. Good though.

Tour ep on noise trade 3 tracks for free or a tip.
I love them

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