Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie Prince Billy

What's it called?: 
What the Brothers sang
What does it sound like?: 
An album of Everly Brothers songs gloriously reinterpreted. Of the 13 songs on this album I was only familiar with 4 of them. I was therefore able to listen to the majority of the album without forming a comparison with the original material. Of those I knew already they do an absolutely magnificent job. BPB's voice has improved greatly over the years like a fine wine but I can honestly say I have never heard sing so well as on this collection. His harmonies with Dawn McCarthy are absolutely exquisite and with the exception of Emmylou and Gram I have rarely heard male and female voices work so well together. The accompanying music predominantly fiddle, mandolin and steel allows the songs to breathe and is a perfect foil.
What does it all *mean*?: 
Classic 60's pop music given a 21st century makeover sounds like a recipe for MOR schmaltz but this album is anything but. Obviously a labour of love - songs that have influenced a great number of artists over the years given new life.
Goes well with …: 
Periods of quiet reflection. This isn't rock and roll but enjoy it just the same.
Might suit people who like …: 
There are not many male/female duos that can successfully blend like these two - Lanegan and Campbell maybe?


currently on CDWOW at an extremely reasonable £5.09 including postage to old Blighty.
haven't heard it yet, but thought it was worth a punt.

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