Dayna Kurtz

Green Note, Camden
Some time ago (either on this site or the old one) someone (thank you!) posted a clip of Dayna Kurtz doing 'Don't Fuck Around With Love'. I enjoyed it and sought out more. American Standard has been one of my favourite records for the last couple of years. Criminally unable to get a label deal in the US, New Jersey born New Orleans living Dayna Kurtz is thankfully big in Spain (where she's seen as a jazz artist), Germany (blues) and Holland (roots/Americana) and that pretty much summs up her body of work. And whilst that is her appeal, that may also be what keeps her touring Europe with just a guitar. Not a strong guitarist, it's her voice you come for. A huge, sonorous, pitch perfect foghorn (in a good way) that covers many genres. She played mostly in open tunings and so retuned a lot during her two sets. Between song patter was as good as her songs. As the review said, there is no discernable reason why Dayna Kurtz is not far more widely recognised than she is.
The audience: 
We could have bought each other rounds. 40, maybe 50 people. All quiet, reverent and attentive (save the hipster pecking away at his phone the whole time). She's not a 'young person's' artist so neither were the audience.
Food & drink: 
Who knew? Green Note has a nice little restaurant inside. Having stuffed myself on an after work burrito on the Calledonian Road, I eyed up the bar bajis, pakoras and homemade chutney with regret. One organic beer (£4.10 a pint) and many bottles.
It made me think: 
I'm thankful for whatever drives Dayna Kurtz to continue putting out records and touring.


Wonderfully apt phrase, sounding a put down until you hear it, bursting across the room like that Van Morrison song.