The Deliverance of Marlowe Billings (A false memoir by Dan Stuart)

Dan Stuart
It's about: 
Why Green On Red front man Dan Stuart wanted to make music. Sort of. Dan takes a snapshot approach, tracing his journey from Tucson punk to New York psychiatric patient by providing a series of vignettes that are by turns hilarious and horrific. It's a bruising ride and you're not going to finish the book liking him, but if you were a fan of Green On Red back in the day or feel you would enjoy a brutally honest autobiography dressed up as a pack of lies, this is for you.
Length of read: 
Might appeal to people who enjoyed: 
Green On Red, Dan Fante
One thing you've learned: 
Dan thinks he's been faking it. He'll probably be a lot more comfortable in his own skin when he wises up to the fact that everybody else is too.


Does the album of the same name aurally illustrate the book? It hadn't struck me as an autobiographical record, but what do I know?
With respect to being comfortable in his own skin, maybe he should listen to his old pal Chuck who has stated on more than one occasion that one of the great philosophical questions of the age is Who put the bomp in the bomp shooby dooby bomp, who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?
He was in splendid form when I saw him at Water Rats about a month or so ago.

... seems to me to be all about the end of his marriage and its consequences. One of those being ending up in a NY psychiatric hospital. The book really deals with the Green On Red years with the woman in question appearing towards the end. So, autobiographical? Yes, but different periods.

Chuck is always on splendid form, in my experience. I have been fortunate to attend concerts by such guitar greats as David Gilmour, Richard Thompson, Jerrry Garcia, Jorma Kaukonen, and others ... and I still maintain Chuck is the best guitarist I've seen. I'd also recommend Chris Cacavas' solo work, while We're on the subject.

I haven't followed him over the years, Here Come The Snakes and This Time Around were faves at the time.

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