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What's it called?: 
The Following Sea
What does it sound like?: 
Yes, the (mostly) Belgians are still making music, a propulsive funky alternative rock that sounds more lively than a band formed in 1991 has any right to be. For the first time they sing in French (come back, it's only the one song). I don't know if it's the speed at which they recorded it, but this has a vitality that has maybe been missing from recent releases. The opener 'Quatre Main' is driving and dramatic, 'Hidden Wounds' has Tom Barman reciting a combat report over a churning fuzz-bass riff, which is better than that sounds. The songs are often linear, texture coming more from the dynamics and melodies than many chord changes. Like stadium rock for a very small, dark stadium. 'One thing about waves' is also worth a listen.
What does it all *mean*?: 
This band has almost no profile in UK, I don't think they get played on the radio, but they are still going, still mutating, and still making pretty good music. That should be enough.
Goes well with …: 
I don't have any to hand to test this, but beer might go well with beer (Hobgoblin?), and turning it up doesn't hurt.
Might suit people who like …: 
Kent (rather good Swedish band), Previous dEUS albums


They went a bit quiet for 5 years or so (think there was a side project?)but last two albums, the first and Instant Street are worth investigating

I can't get on with this record. I used to be so passionate about dEUS but Barman's vocals are getting so affected I cant hear past them. Instant Street remains their defining moment for me.

I still think 'Hotel Lounge (be the death of me)' is their best, it still sounds good now. It's a shame Stef left, and his music has been very patchy since. a lost classic. They have had a few line-up changes over the years (when Scottish guitarist/co-writer Craig Ward left i think they really lost something.)and they just seem to have run out of tunes. The last "great" song they did was "Nothing Really Ends" and that was about 3 albums ago. Since then each album only has one or two strong songs. Sad as i thought they could have been contenders a few years ago

they are becoming more 'normal' every year, their edges being smoothed away by time.* which is a shame.

*pretentious, moi?!

Me and a couple of mates put a semi-acoustic set together(few years ago), got a gig at an 'indie' night, decided to call ourselves The Ideal Crash (after a trawl through my CD collection for inspiration). Promoter decided 'Perfect Crash' sounded better, so that's what went on the poster.

We were rubbish anyway, drowned out by The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club playing very loudly on the other stage.

Great to see the namecheck for Kent - all albums are good but Hagnesta Hill comes to mind

I think Deus are a bit like a melodic Radiohead if Radiohead hadn't gone weird

Me, I think Kent are a bit like a melodic Radiohead if Radiohead hadn't gone weird. But I can see how dEUS would fit that too.

I rather like Kent's 'Isola' - Bianca is fantastic, and the more recent 'Du Och Jag Döden' ('you and I, death') is a favourite of mine, even if I cannot understand a word of Swedish.

It's nice to know that I'm not the only Kent fan here. Now where are all the Shudder To Think Fans?

But take a listen to the last 2 albums and its all semi-funk, spoken vocal, power chordage. As said above, only a couple of tracks stand out as showing the subtlety and beauty fans loved. Still, they cant keep producing the same stuff time after time eh?

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