Diana Krall

What's it called?: 
Glad Rag Doll
What does it sound like?: 
Any fans of T Bone Burnett’s production techniques will adore this album. Loaded with new interpretations of songs from the 1920’s & 30’s, it combines country, jazz and vaudeville into one atmospheric dose of old time Americana. I’ve always appreciated Diana Krall’s work without particularly enjoying it, but this one hits home. The warmth of this record renders any skip, pause and stop buttons superfluous for about 40 minutes. I’m not sure he’s credited, but I think I can detect “Mr Krall’s” vocal harmony on the track Wide River To Cross. It deserves to be the hit album of the winter, and if it doesn’t win a grammy , I’ll eat my sandwich. Comes out next week in the UK, but in the meantime it can be streamed from here. http://totallyfuzzy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/diana-krall-glad-rag-doll-album-stream.html For my money this is the perfect autumnal album that can be enjoyed with or without the controversial accompanying imagery (see below). My vote is in the “with” camp.)
What does it all *mean*?: 
The album has split opinion in the Jazz fraternity. Not for any musical ambiguities, but because of the album cover. A series of beautiful images taken by Mark Seligar inspired by the girls of the 1920’s Ziegfeld Follies has some of them fuming!
Goes well with …: 
A quiet night in front of the fire with either a glass in hand or someone you love sitting close by. It's the sort of music that makes me wish I had a dog to stroke.
Might suit people who like …: 
The Robert Plant & Allison Krauss combo or anyone who is struggling to get a foot in the door of Jazz. I can’t think of a more gentle introduction to the genre.


For a balding, chubby guy with glasses, Mr Costello has done very well there.

Looking very trim and healthy. She must be keeping him fit somehow - the lucky dog.

being Krall to be kind.

Two Little Hitlers indeed

Guess why I listened to this album. Now guess why I won't listen to it again. As I tend to do after I make my mind up about something, I put on my waders and get stuck into the Amazon reviews, and they seem to be saying what I'm thinking, which isn't always the case, and they seem to be largely in agreement. This is a major disappointment. Without the cover, without Costello, this wouldn't impress anyone. Someone even says Costello is her Yoko, which seems a little harsh, but I wish I'd thought of it.

... by Costello and Burnett to make Ms. Krall a bit more edgy (cover, especially) and not just someone at the lighter end of the jazz genre. As to be expected the orchestration and production is really good - very authentic sounding. For me, Krall's voice is the problem - passionless, verging on bored. If only Costello had married Sarah Vaughan or Dinah Washington - it would have been a classic.

if anyone ever thought that it might be Mrs. Krall herself who had decided upon the direction of her music. All you read about is "an attempt by Costello and Burnett to..." and "her record company's idea of...", etc. etc.
She's not exactly my idea of a singer, but she certainly doesn't seem to be a dumbhead.

that she's fucked up. So being manipulated is, uh, preferable.

I really like her Live in Paris which is very DK, and The Girl in the Other Room which sounds to me like the Costello influence is coming through ie those tortured chord progressions he likes which are a bit of a Marmite thing. Not heard this but I have a pal who is a massive fan so I shall await his judgement. She can certainly play, for sure.

I hear Marc Ribot is on it. Certain players always provoke a response in me, and I associate Mr Ribot with Tom Waits move into atonal clonckery. So I assume MR comes along when tunelessness is required. Probably very unreasonable. But another warning sign. Appearing in her underwear bothers me too tbh. Underwear is normally the preserve of rubbish pop acts who need every angle to get noticed. I thought she was better than that.

... you don't like Rain Dogs?

...you don't like underwear?

...you don't like dogs in underwear?

*realises what he's just typed out loud. Closes eyes, covers face with hands, tiptoes away silently*

Yes I do like Raindogs but it is where the rot set in. I think Swordfishtrombones is an absolute masterpiece because it has the atonal clonky thing as a bit of grit around great tunes, and so does Raindogs, but thereafter I think the tunes suffered. By the by I think TW's greatest album is Blue Valentine, so that positions me!

You don't like Mule Variations, Blood Money & Alice a run of three albums chock full of lovely tones & tunes (plus a bit of noise)!!??

you can go off someone y'know

I did think of you specifically before posting. Yes, a personality flaw I'm afraid. I'm certainly the problem here. :-(

I think Ribot is a snake oil salesman but that's only my opinion! I do like Costello though, depending on the album. I'm not a massive fan but I like him.

So what we have learned

- once the ring was on her finger Ms K gave her music totally over to more famous husband
- she does everything that said husband and his producer friend say cos they are men and she is just a gurl
- in order to promote her career she has decided to wear a skimpy outfit that in no way refers to the album title
- but this was totally not her idea as a woman would never want to express her sexuality or show off her body in a way that could make shallow blokes look more than once at her album on the shelves.
- she only uses musicians pre-approved by her husband\producer not because said musician is a world class player and collaborator

We're talking about a well respected and sucessful musician in her own right here, not some kind of puppet girl.

Un peu extreme interpretation of what people have said DFB. Personally I think she's great! If she wants to pose in her frillies that's her business but it doesn't make it more likely I'll buy the album! Isn't the point though that it looks like someone is having a word as she felt no need to do this for her previous very successful albums, many of which I have? On Ribot, I never suggested EC pushed her into it. It may well be her idea. Shame!

title before alluding to a well known phrase for a good time floosie before? Or the song of the same name

"You're just a pretty little toy
The boys like to play with
You're not the kind that they choose
To grow old and gray with"

To assume that it can't have been her idea ie must be EC or T-Bone is making quite a leap.

BTW haven't heard a Krall album which makes me a bad Costello fan as I must like and buy everything connected to the King.

.....I'm just listening to The Girl and enjoying it actually. Worth a lis. TBH EC and I fell out badly over the awful Bacherach/Sinatra impersonator period but he seems to be on form again now. I still shudder at the though of that dreadful version of "She". As one of the faithful, does your love go that far?

on the recent tour I saw he was sometimes doing 'She' and I was dreading it coming up as I'm not a real fan of the song and EC's vibrato ridden take is awful.

However when he did it with just Steve Nieve playing he sang it very plainly without the vocal mannerisms - very much in the way that he performed My Funny Valentine way back when. I liked that version a lot more byt think its still a bad song.

'She' is a beautiful, romantic lyric and Elvis sings it wonderfully well, in my opinion of course. When he sang it wandering through the audience in May in Manchester it was a real highlight of a fantastic evening.

But hated his version of it with that absurd vibrato. There was an even more ghastly live version on a free CD on Mojo or something at the time which I forced myself to sit through just to see if I could do it....**breaks out in beads of sweat on top lip at thought**. If he's toning it down a bit that's great. I remember him doing "I just don't know what to do with myself" on an old Stiffs sampler and it was lovely, so I think it's just that period he was going through. I don't mind though. I've posted elsewhere that great artists do screw up occasionally because they push themselves. I'd rather that than play safe all the time.

Just in case your curious

Not usually a big fan of either Ms Krall or this kind of retro 'classic song' stuff but having seen her on Jools last week I thought I would take a longer lis. Very good indeed - almost Tom Waits 'lite' in terms of the drums and grubby guitar sound. Her take on Lonely Avenue up there with Van the Man. By far my favourite thing Ive heard from DK.

By the way the EC/Bacharach collaboration remains one of my top albums of last 20 years. I agree on paper it looked like it should have been a disaster.

I downloaded it from spotify and have as a consequence now been to bed with Diana Krall about four times since. A lovely record.

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