The Dutch Uncles

What's it called?: 
Out of Touch In The Wild
What does it sound like?: 
Dutch Uncles are often accused of being a Manchester band. In fact they're from the nearby semi-rural town of Marple. In this sleepier locale, it sounds like they've had time to soak up some far more interesting influences than the Gallagher brothers did. They specialise in a curious mixture of influences which takes in the widescreen vision of Kate Bush, 90s Math Rock, the quirkier end of Prog, XTC's later works, but all underpinned by a Pop sensibility which keeps things tight, melodic and direct..there is no aimless noodling or showy soloing here. This new LP is less guitar led previous work, Piano is to the fore, and they add lush strings and hypnotic Steve Reich Xylophones to the mix, but the rhythms section is still as propulsive and driving as ever. It's perhaps less immediate, and has more space in it than the giddy rush of previous LP 'Cadenza', but that's a good sign of an album that will stand up to repeat plays and reveals it's secrets the more you listen to it.
What does it all *mean*?: 
They're the type of band that if you 'get', you'll be waxing lyrical about them to your friends and trying to persuade them to get into it too. They have that affect on people. Don't miss out!
Goes well with …: 
Their previous two LPs which are both well worth seeking out, particularly 'Cadenza', and make sure you catch them live and see them throwing some shapes.
Might suit people who like …: 
They don't really sound like anyone else but you can draw parallels with Field Music, Everything Everything, Talk Talk, Steve Reich, Gentle Giant, Kate Bush, late period XTC, Genesis, Peter Gabriel.


Must check it out. Reminds me of Hot Chip a bit too, vocally at least.

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