Edinburgh mingle

17 March 2013

Once again, the bat signal has gone up over the Passorn.
Edinburghers, Leithers and those further afield (yea even unto the Weedge) are invited to gather at Mr Ianess' famed Passorn for another evening of drinks, music, anecdotage and fiendish quiz.
17 March, 7pm.
There is some other stuff on the go - Richard Thompson, The Magic Band, iainiain band - but I'll leave those to the comments.
So, who's in?


Bit of a work pileup Ian I will be in touch direct. But - all of you - I would LOVE to meet you. A great city and a great sense of humour

Commie ass up here.
Off to see Magic Band on 10th if you fancy that.

If anyone would like a copy of this long OOP gem, please say - currently on the PC and I'd be happy to burn a copy off and bring it along for you.

I very much appreciated you bringing a copy along to the alternative Mingle we call a Richard Thompson gig! I played the great man's version of Hermless on Sunday's radio show.

As promised I will get the official bootleg Michael Marra discs to you. Hopefully I can drop them into that fine Tollcross eaterie prior to the Mingle

Glad you liked the Hermless version.

Who's going to see the Magic Band on Sunday? I'm trying for a pass. If successful I'll be a Billy mo mates so I'd be looking for someone to tag along with.

I'm looking for a copy of any Marra albums. Only official for now. I've got Gaels Blue, Science and Posted Sober. What one is the famous "Hermless" on? Who's going to help?

Lando, did you ever pick up the Williamson/ Renbourn "Wheel of Fortune" album which was discussed a few months ago? If not, I'll do you a copy. It's very good.

So that would be much appreciated.

Robbie you really should buy the Live One with McFall's Chamber while it's still available,It's a complete joy and truly essential. I'd recommend Houseroom too and consider going to the Hazey Janes gig at the Queens Hall later this month. Hermless is on On Stolen Stationery which is long out of print. I'll copy you the 2 I'm doing for Lando since I'm doing them anyway. Both nice CDs that Michael sold at his gigs.

Thanks Ralph. That'd be good. I'd like to reciprocate. I've got all the RT official bootlegs if you (or anyone else) is interested. I think some of the earlier ones are quite hard to come by (Two Letter Words, Live in Crawley, Celtshmertz). I've also got the Hokey Pokey charity compilations if you're interested?

Marra/ McFalls CD ordered from the tax dodgers.

Going somewhere with one child while the other is off on a school trip - the Mingle didn't fit her bill of a good time. Many apols

[Cancels faction meeting]

I have 'Rafferty's Folly' plus another which I can bring along. Quiz being compiled.

Any good?

I'll give ian a copy for you.

could get a copy, too, please? I had it, years ago, but seem to have lost it.

Any newbies coming?

I met Iainiain last night at The New Rope String Band and passed on the CDs for you. they've gone back on my current listening playlist. Enjoy.

New Rope String Band were one of the funniest things I've seen in years.Highly recommended.

to bring the Marra CDs (the morra).

NRSB were, indeed, a hoot.

I've been holding off in the hope of the time freeing up - and it doesn't look like it will. Sorry. I'll try again next time (although if it's in August it'll be "No!" due to the Festival!)

Now Brucefield - you wouldn't come if we met up during the festival. Is this because you do as a lot of locals do in August, run to the hills or go into hibernation for a three weeks..... or is it because you'll be out every night absorbing cultural delights from every corner of the globe? We need to know.

Next time - but not in August, eh?

Lots of tickets booked for the International Festival already, and swithering about some others. That's before the Fringe listings arrive, and the Book festival, and T on the Fringe... around that we have to fit in working (I hope!) and, very occasionally, getting some sleep. Nights off tend to be a mad whirl of supremarkets and laundry!

And you, Robbie? And indeed the rest of you?

And Philip Glass/ Patti Smith.

Got them, and Hamlet, Coriolanus, Zappa, Bang on a can, Fideleo... and more... happy days.

Most envious.

£50 per year: allows you access to the priority booking period. Worth doing if you go to a lot of things. Worth it for the removal of stress, though the website still wobbles under the strain...

Was there a major rumpus over the quiz? Who took the honours this time round?

Iainiain took your quiz crown.

I had a really enjoyable night - big thanks to ianess for hosting and for putting together his now traditional fiendish quiz.

And thanks for the Marra discs Ralph - brilliant!

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