Edwyn Collins

What's it called?: 
What does it sound like?: 
I've been playing this album for a couple of months now and it passes a crucial test: I find its tunes, hooks and snatches of lyrics popping into my head throughout the day. If you like jangly, tuneful pop then step right on up. It begins with a single chord, Hard Day's Night style, then a clatter of drums (really, does that *ever* go wrong as an intro) and into Dilemna. From then until the closing Love's Been Good to Me, this record does not put a foot wrong. Instrumentally, aside from the aforementioned guitar there are some lovely organ and the odd bit of strings/trumpet etc. Right up in the mix though is The Voice. Still a thing of idiosyncratic beauty, there are no obvious signs of his stroke. There are hints aplenty in the lyrics though: "I got art to ease the pain", "What the heck, I'm living now", "That awkward sense of being me". Many more. This is the sound of a man transcending the limitations of his body by making a glorious noise.
What does it all *mean*?: 
It's a great pop album: it moves the body. It also moves the heart and the head. There not many people who can tick all of those boxes at once.
Goes well with …: 
Shuffling about my wooden floor in my socks. Not an image you wanted but there it is.
Might suit people who like …: 
Tuneful music with a bit of depth.


and the two songs you mentioned Dilemma and Loves been good to me are real beauts. I saw him in Birmingham recently and it occurred to me that he is a very lucky man to have the support of Grace Maxwell - she is a formidable lady and with him every step of the way. That is real love. Anyway heres to many more years of Edwyn music - the world is a better place with his music in it.

I, too, have problems with formatting on Nights In. Seems itallic and bold are disallowed.

As far as Edwyn is concerned, I've bought quite a few of his records over the years. I like them. Sometimes, I even enjoy them. I think your description of this album could apply to almost all of his previous releases. My problem is I play them a few times at most, then never again. So, I get a few days worth from them. I find I like his music better in theory than in practice. My problem, obviously, but there you are.

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