Elton John vs Pnau

What's it called?: 
Good morning to the night
What does it sound like?: 
I don’t know much beyond Elton's hits, so my enjoyment of this record is not hampered by previous knowledge of the source material. The whole thing is cleverly done; in fact, given that some of the pieces are assembled from 8 or 9 source tracks, it’s astonishingly clever in how it all hangs together. These pieces work as songs, with identifiable verses and chorus. Purists may think that the Pnau boys have taken some major liberties with the material, but they have created an album that is far from being an off-the-shelf collection of dance remixes. ‘Sad’ has already been a hit, with its mellow Balearic groove and cool chords, while ‘Telegraph to the Afterlife’ is chilled, gloomy and introspective, like Pink Floyd hanging out with Air. ‘Karmatron’ is a bizarre, electrifying triumph. It starts out like Mark Ronson scoring a spoof spy movie by way of Johnny Harris, before exploding into a chorus that the Chemical Brothers would donate a kidney to have been able to write.
What does it all *mean*?: 
However folk choose to label this, it just sounds like great pop music and it probably means that we’ll hear more of this kind of thing. I wonder which other major artists would benefit from a similar 're-imagining' of their work?
Goes well with …: 
Driving. Being middle-aged and pretending to yourself that you are down with the kids because your teenagers quite like the singles. Dropping words like 'chilled', 'trance' and 'Balearic' into the conversation with younger colleagues at work.
Might suit people who like …: 
If you favour the likes of Groove Armada, Air and William Orbit, you’ll find much to enjoy here. It also makes you realise just how much of Elton's early 70s output must have been absorbed by Jake Shears.


listened to it in a record shop and put it back

but since then I've been thinking about it. It was bright and it was fun

Second listen warranted

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