Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell

What's it called?: 
Old Yellow Moon
What does it sound like?: 
Give this album time to breathe and you will be rewarded with abundant riches. It starts off with a couple of upbeat songs but then there are a couple of sublime ballads Spanish Dancer and the stunning Back when we were beautiful. There are times when the most distinctive female voice in country doesn't sound like the most distinctive female voice in country notably on Black Caffeine which sounds like it could be an outtake from Raising Sand. It is clear that Emmylou and Rodney are comfortable in their older bodies and gratifying that they are reaching out to our generation with this music.
What does it all *mean*?: 
Played together 40 years ago and still friends and still have that almost telepathic understanding of where each others voices should be in the song. Emmylou is still the voice that other country ladies aspire to.
Goes well with …: 
A quiet night in with someone close to snuggle up to. Not quite pipe and slippers music but very soothing.
Might suit people who like …: 
Good singing. This and the Bonnie Prince Billy/Dawn McCarthy albums are similar in feel and highlights of what promises to be a very good year for new releases.


I was just wondering what this album is like when your review popped up!

For Symphony Hall. Last time I saw 'em he was just her hotshot young Hot Band sidekick, Hammy Odeon 1976. Cross fingers they play "Til I Gain Control Again". This LP smacks of that age, but with a greater sense of comfort. Nothing to scare the horses, no rapping or beats, just consummate songs sung and chosen exquisitely for the mood and moment. One to feel proud of loving country musics for.

It looks like you'll be in luck. There are a couple of torrents on Dime which give set lists.

The set list from New York on March 23rd was:

01-Return of the Grievous Angel + Wheels
02-Pancho and Lefty
04-‘Til I Gain Control Again
06-Luxury Liner
07-Hanging Up My Heart
08-Invitation to the Blues
09-Bluebird Wine
10-Dreaming My Dreams
11-Back When We Were Beautiful
12-Chase The Feeling
13-Black Caffeine
14-Tulsa Queen
15-Old Yellow Moon
16-Band Intros
17-Ain’t Living Long Like This (with Richard Thompson)
18-I’m Still Learning How to Fly
19-Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight

While the set from St Louis on March 17th was:

01 Grievous Angel
02 Wheels
03 Luxury Liner
04 Tulsa Queen
05 I'll Be Your San Antonio Rose
06 Earthbound
07 Pancho And Lefty
08 Tragedy
09 Bluebird Wine
10 Dreaming My Dreams
11 Hanging Up My Heart
12 Invitation To The Blues
13 Back When We Were Beautiful
14 Chase The Feeling
15 Black Caffeine
16 Old Yellow Moon
17 Leaving Louisiana In Broad Daylight
18 Til I Gain Control Again
19 Ain't Livin' Long Like This (with Richard Thompson)
20 Band Intro
21 Boulder To Birmingham
22 Still Learning How To Fly
23 If I Could Only Win Your Love
24 Love Hurts

Richard Thompson is their support act.

I disagree that it need time to breathe.

I did approach it with a bit of trepidation because while I like both the Hard Bargain and Kin albums I thought neither represented them at their very best and worried that this might just be something to fill a space wile they sought fresh inspiration. They probably did inspire each other. What a magnificent outcome!

How very wrong I was. I loved it from first listen and am finding new things and reasons to love it even more.

Here's a recent performance on David Letterman.


Also for someone who is now two days off her 66th birthday, doesn't Emmy look fantastic? But as Mrs P says, she's always had the basics to get her there.

was made for her. To look that good at her age is no mean feat. I think her aura helps - she always seems to have poise,grace and a serenity. I really think Spanish Dancer is an incredible performance.

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