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Last Friday I took The Number One Son to see Dodgy at Leeds Cockpit. He's 23 and lives in Manchester these days. I live in York; so we met halfway.

Dodgy are currently on their 'Back to Back' tour: they're playing their mighty fine new(ish) album 'Stand Upright In A Cool Place' followed by 'The Dodgy Album' which is 20 years old this month.

Here's the thing: I took the lad to see Dodgy in a big top at Exeter in 1997 (we lived in Nottingham at the time and were on holiday in the South West) - he was 7 and it was the first band he'd ever seen live.

So, for a brief moment in time, Dodgy are both the first and the last band he's seen live.

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To see Dodgy when they performed at Jumbo records last year for record store day. He was four then and they're still the first and last band that he's seen live.

His thoughts on the day were:
1) I thought it would be darker ( this was mid afternoon in a shopping centre)
2) they're quite old aren't they. Up to then music had been abstract for him and age didn't come into it. Since then he's started to ask me if people on my Cd's are dead!
3)This is better than going swimming, which is where we had originally intended to go.

I like number 2 & the answer to his question is invariably 'Yes' is my guess.

they would have done better if they hadn't had such a ..ahem...dodgy name. For all their naffness, In A Room is a great song.

20 years old eh! That makes me feel so old. I can't wait to take my young lad to his first gig.
Mine was Thin Lizzy 1983 Kings Hall. I was 14. I was a rocker in my youth and had all the gear, ripped jeans, leather jacket and denim waistcoat with band patches sewn on the back. As I was walking out the door, my mum near had a fit and told me I wasn't going out of the house dressed like that. She made me change into a purple varsity cardigan with a big Y on it, black trousers and my wedding/funeral shoes. The amount of shit I got on the bus on the way down still lives with me.
Thin Lizzy were great but the sound was crap and I got a drumstick from the support band Mamma's Boys.

He was taken to see Big Time Rush by hos mother. I disclaim any responsibility for this act.

First act was either Bryan Adams or Jethro Tull. I think Adams.
Most recent was The Proclaimers (good) preceded by the Wheeler Brothers (astounding)
This month has lined up Of Monsters and Men (VPG choice; I can feel a real sense of anti climax descending upon us) and We Were Promised Jetpacks, about which I am beyond thrilled.

after the Big Audio Dynamite reunion but now the first band I ever bought a ticket for are back, I can't resist...
They are, laydeez n'gennilmn the Mott The Hoople

I expect to be sat, weeping even more than I did at the BAD gig.

Do your feet still stick to the floor?
Son's first band, the Hoax, at Colne Blues Festival. 2002 or so, He'd have been 10. I took him.
Last gig, Reverend and the Makers acoustic set, Trades Club, Hebden Bridge. He took me. Guest list, natch. In true embarrassing father mode, I drank too much Jack Daniel's in the dressing room after.

The bloke who was the opening act of the first gig I paid for with my own money (Ulster Hall Belfast in 1970) is also the last gig I saw, a week ago today. Sadly last week's experience was a shocker, so much so that the venue offered refunds to all who suffered it

...who was it?

I deliberately didn't review this gig because I genuinely like this man's music and I don't want to kill his career stone dead. I doubt he has much other way of making a living other than performing live. It was excrutiatingly awful and I bailed out after 4 songs. I've no doubt that I caught him on a bad night. But whether he's any good these days on a good night, I don't know, and I doubt I'll be investigating next time he comes to the UK. Once bitten, and all that. I'll PM you some details

...though you shouldn't feel bad about mentioning this man's name here: it's been mentioned/discussed before (at the Old Place, certainly) in very similar context. Indeed, only last month a friend - who's a total music hound, a die-hard and a forgiver of many musical off-days - told me he walked out of a concert by this man in New Orleans, after 20 minutes. It must have been extraordinarily bad.

My first concert in 1979. My most recent one too (as of tonight).

Or am I misreading that?

...maybe it was a John McLaughlin concert, and it's still going on.

A couple of Rush tickets:

 photo rushtickets_NEW.jpg

in 1985 and Rush last night with Mr Cakes.

Autumn 1983 was the first. Last was a folk trio in a tent at folk festival last weekend. What happened to my life?

....76 or 77 in Carlisle Market Hall aged 16 or 17, although technically you could argue the support band The Rezillos were the first. Preceded by illegal drinking in the Kings Head...I remember being impressed with Hugh Cornwell's 'Fuck' t-shirt.

Last gig was a week ago, again in Carlisle, the magnificent Camera Obscura at The Brickyard. Now a 7 piece, they rocked a Spectoresque wall of sound..

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