Francoise Hardy

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What's it called?: 
Midnight Blues: Paris & London 1968-1972
What does it sound like?: 
This has been more like 'an afternoon and evening with...' as this has been on repeat since it hit the mat this morning. This consists of Hardy's '69 LP '1970' and 1972 LP 'If You Listen' with a more 'folk/rock' direction but that really doesn't cover whats on this compilation. There are covers of Cohen ('Suzanne') , Newman ('I Think Its Gonna Rain Today') and Neil Young (Til the Morning Comes') but the original material is an amalgam of so many different influences. There is country feel to set's title track penned by Hardy, there is Nick Drake influenced fragile introspectiveness (the extensive notes tells of a plan to bring the two together for an album). There is drama, soul, sensitivity, melancholy here all with Francoise breathy heartfelt vocals reminding you a little of Nico but with more expression and emotional depth. For me the London tracks have that little special magic ingredient - a life, spark and cohesion of spirit that is lacking in the Paris sessions.
What does it all *mean*?: 
It appears that perhaps Ms Hardy wanted to change the way she was perceived, the music she made and these albums were the first steps in doing that. The second album has only one tracks written by her and allows her to try new sounds and ideas.
Goes well with …: 
A Gauloise , bottle of red, some onions, sitting outside a cafe going "haw-he-haw-he-haw". Alan Partridge told me that.
Might suit people who like …: 
Nick Drake, Gallic Pop, Nico, Poshcore. And if like me you are only familiar with her French language work with a more pop orientated vibe, or worse, just as that bird from the Blur song, then this will be a pleasant surprise to you.


DFB, you say that she covers Neil Young's 'Til The Morning Comes..

It's a nice tune but fairly insubstantial. Moreover I find this an intriguing choice because to the best of my recall the lyrics go;

I'm only waiting 'til the morning comes
Til the morning comes
I'm going to give you 'til the morning comes
Til the morning comes...
And repeat for a minute

Had she added extra lyrics or discovered hithertothen unknown words?

of just about that. Still quite nice but odd way to finish the album

Do such great compilations: barely any they release that I'm not interested in.

that the sleevenotes are by Bob Stanley of St Etienne and bloody good they are too

Love her cover of the Garden of Jane Delawney, my God I am turning into a folkie *puts finger in ear*

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