Glasgow McMeet - The Laurieston

17 May 2013

We return to our spiritual home, the Gorbals' finest sham-pain bar The Laurieston, on Friday 17th May.

There will folk there from maybe 5.30 onwards - anyone not actively watching the racing or playing dominoes is likely to be The Word Crew. (Oh, and it'll be in the bar, not the lounge).

Looking forward to it!


I might be washing my television that night.
Can I get back to you?

I should be able to pop in to say hello - do I need to bring physical copies of "Side 1, Track 2" or are we all dropping it in that box ?

another splendid (and in Mr. Moore's case lost) evening.
I expect his 'future' missuss to be waiting for him, rolling pin in hand.


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