The Green Pajamas

Burt Kocain's picture
What's it called?: 
Death By Misadventure
What does it sound like?: 
Everything you wanted, all at once, with a Cadbury's Flake stuck in the top. If you know who the Jammies are, then you'll hie yourself to the market to grab yourself a copy toot sweet, because you are a person of extraordinary refinement. If all this means nothing to you, this is your opportunity to sneak on board the bandwagon going nowhere while no-one is looking. The Jammies have been releasing beautiful, crafted, weird, melancholic music since the Crusades without creating so much as a ripple in the space-time continuum. This one is - but you're way ahead of me - a concept album about life in a bee colony. Here's a lyric from ‘The Queen Bee’s Last Tango’: “She strips off her girdle, slips off her swastika ring/While seventeen boys dressed up as dolls and toys blow the king/In the opium fog, the prince and his dog start to sing/And there’s no sense of the sorrow to befall them all tomorrow.” So there you have it. Or should. Dense, lush, deep and dark. Dive into the hive.
What does it all *mean*?: 
It means the Jammies are still alive and humming. Like (and yet not so like) the Shoes and the dB's. Chapeaux!
Goes well with …: 
Velvet waistcoat, fez, hookah pipe.
Might suit people who like …: 
this sort of thing.


It's on my list. Thanks for the heads up.

If you can open zip files these days, let me know!

Burt. I've tried and tried again every solution re. zip file problems on Windows 7 and my Dell Laptop. Zilch. This is definitely on my check out list, though.

Very late sixties Zombies, a bit of Moodies, perhaps. Melodic, but a little unhinged. If you can find it, "The Complete Book Of Hours" is magnificent.

Sounds like just the ticket.

...Rain Parade, Belles Will Ring, and now the Green PJs? I think I'm falling for you...

(We can talk here, you know. This thread is only being read by spider-bot search engine aggregators.)

That's over there >>> bloody marvellous.

I was trying to keep them to myself. Quite a bit of their stuff is available on emusic and the band website is quite quick to deliver if you want solids

is fab. "Dr Dragonfly" may be one of my favourite songs of all time.
"psychedelic Beatles fronted by Leonard Cohen" anyone?

Under The Observatory, which is frustratingly absent from YouTube.

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