Happy Belated Birthday Beany!

Beany of this parish had a birthday a couple of days ago. This is a man who has shared Viennese Whirls with Mark Ellen and Kate Mossman, owns records that no sane man would admit to owning, has hugged every Disney character you can think of, has possibly seen more Boy Bands than nature ever intended and has always effortlessly contributed to making a night out at a Massive Mingle something joyful and happy.

He's also been a bit under the weather recently and missed out last Friday on a pilgrimage to The Ship & Mitre.

Happy Birthday Beany.


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A man who not only pretty much kickstarted the Leeds Punk/New Wave scene by bringing The Sex Pistols to play for Green Gartside and The Gang of Four, but is also intimately familiar with the back catalogues of Katie Price, Bill Tarmey and Cynthia Lennon...You have not lived until you've heard a Beany Mixtape.

Speaking of which, you really should listen to the Charity Shop Classics Podcast featuring our very own Gavin Hogg with a very special guest...



I hope the pension is sorted.

Ya knows we loves ya. Donna sends oodles of hugs and kisses.

Lovely fella xxx

I go AWOL for a few days and almost miss out on the backslappery best wishes *blushes*.

Under the weather? It was proper bloody flu I tell you. I recovered sufficiently to attend the Glam exhibition at the Tate Liverpool yesterday and supped a soothing medicinal pint of mild in the old S&M in your honour. That's twice I have missed my chums through illness; I shall be making it up to you at the next gathering with a super duper special BeanyCD.


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