Holy trinities

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Enough with the politics already. Let's have something less provocative: religion.

We all have our perfect threesomes for perceiving the world - West, Bruce and Laing (or God the father, Son, and Holy Ghost), etc.

These trinities are a matter of personal faith, and the lens through which one seek to perceive life with good humour, balance, and perspicacity. They are idiosyncratic, so for those who understand, no explanation is necessary; whereas for those who disagree, no explanation is enough to justify the choice.

My holy trinity are:

PG Wodehouse
Frank Zappa
Hans Eysenck.

All provide me with a means to get through life.

Massive, who are yours?

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Irvine Welsh
Stewart Lee

Mark Twain
Kurt Vonnegut Jr
PG Wodehouse

Had to pause to consider Kurt for a while before posting. In the end he just missed out, good shout though.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Ray Charles.
Mrs. Pencilsqueezer.

You've gawn and made Jim and I look like a pair of unromantic ninnies.

I'm going to attempt to recover the situation by noting that there is no third party who could comfortably be placed alongside my wife and daughter with regard to the love and esteem in which I hold them.


putting Mrs Pencilsqueezer in to appear romantic but I've never knowingly met her so I'm not sure I could have carried it through under any scrutiny. Unless the scrutineers had been privatised of course.

That's post of the day as far as I'm concerned. I'd take the rest of the afternoon off if I were you.

Put your feet up, smoke a pipe and reflect on a job well done. You've earned it.

I had the whole day off work and that post is the pinnacle of an otherwise underwhelming day on my part. I did watch the cricket though and my mind keeps wandering off to attempt to answer this question:
Why does Alastair Cook wear so much eye make-up?

"With both eyes shut".

to Pencilsqueezer I edited the Alastair Cook bit in a couple of minutes after my post and before I'd read his comment. What he says kind of fits but obviously wasn't intended to.

What japes! No need for apologies. Give us a hug.

Jim Carroll
Jackie Leven
David Sylvian

Spike Milligan
Ridley Scott
Tony Benn

...but I'm far far deeper than this, honestly guv....

Paul Weller
Martin Scorsese
Johann Cruijff

The Beatles
Jane Austen
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Bacon Roll

Randy Newman
and another shout for Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Frank Zappa
Raymond Chandler
Susanna Hoffs

Howard Kendall
Alan Ball
Colin Harvey


is the truth.

Jimbo Taylor
Hey Jimmy! More of the Rhino Tranq and suicide kit please. My Cat and we both have Catholic Asthma.

Tony Hancock
William Blake

Louis Prima
Flannery O'Connor
Neil Young

Brian James
Mick Jones
Steve Jones

or alternatively:

Loud Music

David Bowie
Ricky Gervais
Eric Cantona

Seriously speaking:

Swami Vivekananda
WB Yeats
Israel Regardie

Eddie Izzard, and the two Charlies Dickens and Darwin.

Or possibly just Charlie's Angels.

Richard Feynman
Charlton Brooker
Jarvis Cocker.

Justin Currie
Ian Botham
George MacDonald Fraser

Charles Dickens
Bob Dylan
Larry David

But let's go for

Bertrand Russell
Philip Larkin
Mike Mills

I was going to put Peter Buck or Armando Iannucci in, but Mike is speccy and sweet and does ace harmonies, so he wins.

JJ Burnel
Steve Kilbey
Jah Wobble

None of which do ace harmonies though.

Thinking about fishing.
Reading about fishing.

One might be tempted to say:

Chris Yates
H T Sheringham
Arthur Ransome

David Thomson
Tom & Jerry
Bruce Springsteen

Alastair McCoist
David Bowie
Ian Fleming

Eihei Dōgen
Maybe Leó Szilárd or Shakespeare
My ShorDurPerSav, J R "Bob" Dobbs

The Beatles
Stephen King
Charles Dickens

Excluding immediate family, who go without saying....

Lowell George
Hank Williams
Howlin' Wolf

Swap Hank for Winston Churchill if we want someone none musical.

Terry Lee.

Frank Black/Black Francis
Christopher Brookmyre
Robert De Niro

Jack Kirby
Tove Jansson
Cathal Coughlan

Excellent shout

Starting to wish I could add a few more names.

makes me smile.
Did you ever see the Fantastic Four Issue from the Waid/Wieringo run, when they go to Heaven and Jack is God? Brilliant.

Loved that! Kirby pretty much was god to me growing up. What a fantastic imagination the man had. To be so prolific and still innovate the way he did - it just boggles the mind.

Your post has caused me to go get the big hardback "Kirby: King of Comics" down off the shelf. I intend to spend the rest of the evening losing myself in it. Bliss.

My philosophy seems represented within
Iain Banks
Neil Hannon
The Bard
(I like a think and a chuckle)

Florence Nightingale
Miles Davis
J.M.W. Turner

(Tommy Cooper just missed out)

Frank Zappa
Red Simpson
Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark

Groucho Marx
Kurt Vonnegut
Frank Zappa

David Hume
St Luke
Sam Vimes

definitely the Discworld character I'd like to be.

Hurst, Peters and Moore. I did consider Frank Zappa but his distribution was so poor.

Elvis Costello
Iain Banks
Jonathan Meades

That you are thinking more of the Ian M Banks/Culture worldview, rather than seeing The Wasp Factory as some sort of ideal?

Wishing I'd thought of that myself, though I don't know which of my 3 he'd replace.

Although there are passages in The Bridge and Espedair Street that stay with me.

The Culture stories remain one of the finest achievements by any author in any genre, IMHO.

I think they are going to grow in stature. I wonder if he'd be up for freeing the concept, as Michael Moorcock did with Jerry Cornelius?

The others were harder, but:

Paul McCartney
Carl Sagan
E. O. Wilson

Well played sir. Well played.

Carl Sagan
Oliver Sacks
Robert Wyatt

Paul Coia
Stu Francis
Derek Batey

Richard Thompson
Patrick O'Brian
Justine Henin

That's music, books and tennis covered.

Vince Hilaire
Freddie Flintstone

So the much beloved Fred Astaire didn't make the cut then?

A Disco beat.

I'll get me coat...

Leonard Cohen
Hong Kong Phooey
That bloke off the Cillit Bang adverts

Brooke Hogan (Hulk Hogan's daughter)
Lenny Kravitz
Jar Jar Binks

Les Viola is, but you're only allowed three.

(You know you want to).

(or should that be seven)
Rock & roll
Fish, chips and mushy peas
Curry and naan bread.

Hence the username.

Larry, Moe and Curly.


Bruce Grobbelaar, right? And Neil must be Neil Young, ace Man City centre forward from the 60s, now sadly no longer with us. But you've got me stumped on this Gaga fellow. Does he play in the lower leagues?

That's Bobby, Lowell and Guillermo.

when need of a bit of comfort:

Terry Pratchett
David Attenborough
Neil Young

(I hope this doesn't mean I have to cast out my Mum and Dad, and I am getting them on a bye)

alongside Jane Austen & Mark Everett


Merlin from The Once and Future King
Andrej Tarkovsky
Doc from Cannery Row

Bob Dylan
Iain Banks
Lowell George

End of debate

Clive James
Spike Milligan
JJ Cale


You owe me a bucketload of birthday presents

If the latter, you owe me your porn stash, 20 JPS and a look at your girlfriend's pants.

Elvis Costello
Elmore Leonard
Frank Worthington

Frank Herbert
Bob Dylan
Nelson Mandela

I once attended a sportsman's dinner where Frank Worthington did a turn, it was one of the funniest hours of my life Steve.

Elvis Costello
John Updike
John Prine

Iain M Banks
John Le Carré
Neal Stephenson


when I was thirteen, it was T.Rex, David Bowie & Roxy Music.

it was Sooty, Sweep & Soo.

As I do

Frank Zappa
Thelonious Monk
Erick Satie

and when I despair that the world is totally disappearing up its own intolerant idiotic arse,

The Dalai Lama
Nelson Mandela

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