Isles of Wonder

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What's it called?: 
Isles Of Wonder - Music For The opening Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games
What does it sound like?: 
An inspired and inspiring 36 track accompaniment to Danny Boyles' maginificently orchestrated opening ceremony. The opener, Frank Turner's 'I Still Believe' is - well, it's not bad, a little 'Waiting For The Great Leap Forward'-ish, but then... The childrens choral renditions of Jerusalem, Flower Of Scotland et al fade into the sound of waves washing onto the shore, Elgar's Nimrod swells up, then fades into the background as a familiar, somehow comforting litany emerges - "Tyne, Dogger, Fisher, German Bight...", and the room appears to be very dusty all of a sudden... Other highlights? The pounding, pulsing "And I Will Kiss", Mike Oldfield's inspired "Bells/Jubilio" mashup, Underworld's shimmering "Caliban's Dream", the coyly re-named "F" Button's "Olympians"...
What does it all *mean*?: 
As Rob Fitzpatrick might say, I literally cannot stop playing this. I think it means that at this moment, I am truly proud to be a citizen of the Isles Of Wonder. Cameron's Britain is not my Britain - Danny Boyles' is.
Goes well with …: 
Super Saturday!
Might suit people who like …: 
Leftie multi-cultural crap.


On the basis of your fine efforts ruff
The drive into work tomorrow will be infinitely more entertaining tomorrow

I bought it today & I am really looking forward to listening to it on the work commute.

Was out of the country for the opening ceremony but people everywhere have praised it. PLyed first disc while out on business this am - lovely stuff.

Looking forward to playing it.

This website should be on some sort of commission.

I also bought an Underworld anthology on the strength of it...

Some excellent stuff on this album, but be warned the drums when Evelyn Glennie and Co are playing along to the industrial revolution lasts a really long time on album with no visuals to keep your mind occupied. Still, this track alone should keep me going throughout most of my cycle run.

It's good.

Review ends.

forthright, signifficant...

I think the BBC are reshowing the opening ceremony on 18th - very well worth seeing if you missed it - and the music is better in context.

Available on catch up, the GLW and I have watched it three times.

If there was a debate on what it means to be British, Danny Boyle seems to have resolved it.

Lovely stuff, but fading out 'Heroes' for a Galvanise Reprise loses a few points

It doesn't have David Holmes 'I Heard Wonders' on it, which I heard for the first time as the accompaniment to David Beckham piloting the speed boat along the Thames with the torch prior to the flame being lit.

I thought that a marvellous sequence put to glorious music.

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