Jerry Sadowitz

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Leicester Square Theatre, London
19th December 2013
I'm not sure if this review is a recommendation that you should go and see a genius at work. That's not because I didn't laugh myself hoarse or marveled at skillful close up magic. It's just you have to be a certain type of person who understands the character and material he is doing. A jet black sense of humour - he will use racial and sexual slurs and constantly push at the audience to respond favourably or unfavourably. He says the unsayable and while you are gasping with mirth he tops what he just said. He rages, spits and castigates all "middle class wankers". Large screens on either side of the stage show his tricks in harsh detail that makes his manipulation of cards, disc, coins and grapefruit even more impressive as he bitterly growls "the closest you'll see me back on the telly". Material couldn't be more profane or topical - its all about Jerry as performer and ultimate misanthrope. The punchlines were still hitting home hours later and I giggled at his audacity.
The audience: 
Some groups out n their office party nights that were noisy at the beginning but well behaved. Mostly male if I'm honest
It made me think: 
That behind the bawbag bluster there is a fierce intelligence and someone who is actually quite likeable. T-he occasional peak sideways from under the mask plus stunning & beautiful close up magic work enables you to catch your breath from laughing.


Edinburgh, during the Festival. Agree with all you say.
He's spectacularly "incorrect" and filthy, but you can tell it's a facade, so it works...well, I think so, anyway.
And the magic's skilful and fun.

But I would love to. I did see him to an unannounced stand up gig in a pub in Islington, when a mate of mine was on the same bill. He was something else. Very funny, but his aim appeared to be to get everyone gasping in shock rather than laughing. The crowd was pretty 'right on' , so it didn't take long before a lot of them got offended. It was at the time that the nail bomber was terrorising London, so you can only imagine some of the things he was saying. I think me and a mate of mine were the only ones he didn't manage to defeat, as we found him really funny.

He's a total cunt.

And I say that as a fan.

but somehow there are little moments when the mask slips and you feel he is as eager to please and self-conscious as any other stand up.

In his set he flashed up several people he thought were "middle class wank" - including Richard Herring. I tweeted Rich about this and he was genuinely delighted.

I knocked about with him a quarter of a century ago. He is a true gent and a total cunt.

And he was in a good mood. He took a liking to an audience member, sat on stage with her having, what I can only call, an actual conversation, he did a trick when the crowd started to flag, and was mostly lovely.

This is a truly unpredictable performer, and yes, an actual genius, in that I think he is incapable of doing anything other than what he does. I really love him.

I was trashed, m'lud.