Kevin Eldon

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What's it called?: 
It's Kevin
What does it sound like?: 
It doesn't sound like anything. It's a television programme, you silly sausage. And it's really, really funny. Kevin has been a bit-player in other people's stuff for years - Big Train, Lee and Herring, St***** L**, among much else - and it's great to see him getting his own show. Especially when it's as daft, sweet and hilarious as this. Whimsical, sure, but with genuinely unexpected swerves and cheerily silly gags.
What does it all *mean*?: 
MY WIFE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND ME. (In other words, she sat looking amusedly puzzled, or puzzledly amused, while I hooted and shouted and guffawed.)
Goes well with …: 
A great big homemade burger. That's what I had with it, anyway.
Might suit people who like …: 
Funny things.


But when is it on & which channel?

It's on the Beeb. No idea when. I watched it on iplayer.

And it was excellent, although from reading online reactions it appears to be a Marmite show.

went into Austria in '38 and I said "we've got a big hit here, can anyone think of a name" And Goering, who was always there with a ready quip, said "What about 'The Anschluss' ?" and we fell about laughing."

The crowing woman got me.

last night. A very promising start. I've seen him in various things over the years - particularly memorable were his vicar and hobby guy in Lee and Herring's This Morning With Richard Not Judy. I shall be tuning in with great expectation over the coming weeks.

But I didn't like this. I've always liked Eldon in various things I've seen him in - Spaced for example and Big Train. This reminded me mostly of the old Kenny Everett show, although obviously more surreal. Don't really know why, I think it was all the white backgrounds.

I'll be watching again, just in case, but the problem was I kept waiting to be amused and it just didn't happen.

Still enjoyed it though, and will keep watching.

I found some of the mechanics a bit clunky.. possibly because I come from a TV background, there were some things that kept jumping out at me, so it was hard to just enjoy it on its own merits

and clunky in style I think. Apparently next weeks is far more traditional in format.

"Get her ice/ No ice/ She needs ice/ Do not defy me, sir!"

but regardless, it didn't work for me...

Yep, did like the "get me ice" stuff. Definitely going to keep watching.

I was very tired so will give it another go. But I didn't laugh once. I'm not sure I even smiled.

in that even though most of it was irredeemably silly every so often there'd be a moment of complete genius. The Hitler/George Martin bit had me shrieking hysterically and God knows that doesn't happen too often.

I laughed.

I thought the white space worked, letting the ideas just flow along.

The Butler on his day off. Ramrod straight holding a cocktail tray at his shoulder lounging in an armchair watching telly. Visual punnery, I suppose.

Whimsy. Something you don't see a lot of.


... thanks for bringing that to our attention. The Adolf Hitler/George Martin sketch was genius.

Halfway through I went into the kitchen, which is off the living room so I could still hear it, to make my sandwiches for lunch and confirmed something I had suspected while watching it: this programme works much better as radio than as television. Remove the visuals and it becomes much funnier.

Enjoying it much more than the first one. I don't think that's anything to do with the programme, more to do with my frame of mind today.

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