Let's do it again (like we did on the last album, which worked I thought)

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I have noticed that certain LPs seem to go in pairs where the most recent one seems almost another go at the one that preceded it, as if the act concerned were mining a particularly rich seam which they felt worth continuing with. In some cases it's as if they repeat a certain kind of track, though it's not a copy, more of a case of let's do another one like that one on the last record.

There's Revolver and Sgt Pepper on which She's Leaving Home is another helping of Eleanor Rigby and both records have a Harrison penned sitar song plus an experimental weird one to end with. I also thought of Beggar's Banquet and Let It Bleed, with their mixture of blues covers, country rock etc., the latter being a further refinement of the former. Some tracks can again be paired up. Another is Bowie Low and Heroes. Same idea of separate song and instrumental sides on both, obviously. Similarities of production, drum sound.

So are there any more of these doubles or is this a bit of a non-starter? It seems two is enough, after that I guess things need shaking up a bit, or there's a change in personnel, producer, venue for recording etc.

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"I hate it when people say we've made eleven albums which all sound the same. We've made twelve albums!" - A. Young

A band has a huge hit record. The public demand more of the same - but the artist goes completely the other way. Then - when the experimental phase loses the artist's audience, they go back to what they did in the first place and the audience says - hooray!

Oh very good! All of My Heart, ABC


Oh! Er... Who Wants to be a Millionaire, ABC


Ahh. That's better. When Smokey Sings, ABC


Another one is Radiohead Kid A and Amnesiac. In that case they had more songs from the same sessions to use so makes sense to issue those separately that did not fit previously. Roxy Music first two definitely go together. Obviously losing Eno changes the sound after that. I'm thinking more in terms of consecutive releases really where acts evolve rather than do the same record over and over like AC/DC. How often can you change and keep at the top pf your game. Do most only have on USP and should know it? Mick tired of rock 'n' roll after Sticky Fingers though Keith made him do Exile, yet things went somewhat awry when they ventured into other areas after that, though the odd genre adventure worked well enough.

The debut and then Dog Man Star...from the same book but different chapters

Similar themes, similar songs but everything kicked up a notch. Songwriting was better, the playing was better, the production was better and the self confidence had exploded.

Definitely "a pair".

In the Wake of Poseidon is a virtual note-for-note copy of the debut album, by a line-up who had already split up.

and Rain Dogs.

In Wake Of Poseidon closely follows the general theme and vibe of ITCOTCK. However, it is unfairly maligned in this respect. Not quite as good, but a fine album nonetheless. The following Lizard album, a King Crimson Rubber Soul moment, is also unjustly overlooked.


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