Loop/Godflesh and ma mate Dougal

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SWG3, Glasgow
Monday 2/06/14
I try (insert usual joke) in my own way to bring old noises to the AW. Suffered a Loop tune up c.1987-15mins, then off because Robert wasn't happy with the sound. I had to get my last bus home, so nae Loop for Blast that night! Tonight I got in early because of my poor walking. Godflesh soundchecked for 55 feckin' mins! Eventually the doors opened and me and Dougal were united. We'd hud oor tea. Godflesh came on and pummeled us senseless till it was really boring. (ie. longer than the soundcheck) Then Loop, with the tunes/attitude/noise. But, once again Robert was not happy with their sound. He stopped after every (classic) track to tune up/get a tech to check his guitar/amp/pedals. They cut it short because (as Robert said) "This heatwave in Glasgow is affecting our gear". It was a warm day, pished down too. Nae feckin' heatwave. Robert Hampson, out of the Loop band, I think you now owe me at least twenty three quid. But not really, I adored the gig, and it wasn't too loud.
The audience: 
Very mixed, black clad of course. Could have been busier, I'm surprised how small a crowd they drew-250 max. Maybe all the students were busy and the old farts burned out? Ticket was dead cheap-£16.50. I liked the venue, think a NYC loft c. 1990
Food & drink: 
£3.50 for a decent sized vodka, stacks of ice, coke and lime slice. Friendly bar staff, reasonably fast service. Nice guy steered me to the lift and got me to a chair. I can't ask more. I really dig the badges from Douglas and the lift home.
It made me think: 
A week on I must expand on the above as I've had time to re-live the gig. Loop were really tight and sounded great despite Robert's protestations. Douglas and me have gone Loop daft in the last 7 days, I urge you to join us. A really great band.


lives long in the memory as one of the worst gigs I've ever been to. Loads of technical gremlins, a drum machine that kept breaking down, and a sullen and miserable pair on stage not doing anything to alleviate the situation.

Streetcleaner is still a mighty record though.

Loop at the LSE in 1987 were fab; wouldn't mind seeing them again, but my hearing is too fragile.

see ya next Friday.


They'd never really been on my radar at all, which is odd because they've got everything I generally look for - subtly good tunes, lots of rhythm & repetition ( (c) M.E. Smith), swirling landscapes of swampy sound, played-down vocals .... throw in a Can cover or two and there's not much more you could reasonably ask for.

James also pointed me to the Hair & Skin Trading Company (ex-Loopers) - On Again Off Again is fantastic:


*as the Tax Dodgers think they're called, for some reason.

updated my review because just how good that gig was has started to sink in.
Your Loop recommendations are all solid gold, there's not much I don't like.
It was a pleasure to see them with you.

thanks man

PS. H&ST really are worth checking out


The only record I have is A Gilded Eternity. It's very good, should dig it out again.


- in Southampton, 1988 - possibly the West Indian Centre. Chest tighteningly loud, but a real thick sound soup to lose yourself in. Fade Out and Heavens End are both good and tie them into that next generation heavy psychedelia I love of Thee Hypnotics and early Spacemen 3.

I was a die-hard S3 fan back then and Loop's 'A Gilded Eternity', for me, followed in the slipstream (see what I did there etc) of the Spacemen.
But I remember first hearing Fade Out at some Wolverhampton indie disco in around 1990 and just being blown away... wow. Thanks for bringing back some happy memories JamesB and Sal!

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