Marmite. In or out?

I love it.

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just wondered if you were lost, should this be on the shouty thread?
Hokey Cokey

And realised AH DIVVENT GIVE A SHITE yas can aal stuff yass Marmite up YAZZ AWSS...bastidddss....zzzz

Here's a picture of a kitten! Oh, imagine it yourselves. Awwwww!


People who like Marmite are "in".

Other nuances on the use of the English language are available!

it helps my veggie mince cottage pie be more tasty but yuk on toast, am I allowed to be on the fence on this one?

I'm in.
Surely the only sensible question is Squeezy or Non-Squeezy.

Part of the art of spreading the spread is the twisting of the knife to remove it cleanly from the pot whilst not soiling the screw top.

That's all.

Oh, and in, obviously. Speaking as one who shares his house with a Vegemite eater.

What are you opening it with? Most people use their hands

but it is just a spread sold for profit, no more. I don't want to be caught up in Unilever's brand awareness campaigns and I really don't like their stupid 'innocent' smoothie style friendly banter they plaster over the labels.

I am appalled by this chummy rubbish. What next? Glock's don't-knock-'em-till-you-try-'em automatic pistols?

Marks and SPENCER automatic pistols

It's mine I tell ya... IT'S ALL MINE!!!

I'm in.

So, though having never actually tried the spread itself, I must assume that I'm in some small way, in.

Lush, especially on a white toasted crust.

That's soap, you twit. No wonder there's a white crust.

It's manufactured by scraping environmental pollution from distressed seabirds after oil spills.*

*This may not be strictly factual.

Any news on your commission for a new masthead for our beloved site?

Mainly because I am clueless as to what is afoot and thank you. I've missed this little haven of peace for disheveled gentle folk.

also welcomes you back. Hope life is treating you less distressingly.

£2.70 for 250g. That's a lot for the scrapings of old beer barrels. Have they started adding Myrrh to the list of ingredients?

(Lovely though on muffins or bagels with loads of butter).

in Lidl.

No Myrrh maybe but there was a special edition with gold in it on the shelves in Sainsburys last year. No idea why and as I'm a squeezy convert, I didn't try it.

Back in January Morrisons were selling them half price so I guess it wasn't a successful promotion. Different colour. Same taste.

Is that the new Jools Holland album?

In, in, in.

Vegemite however is the devil's poo, this is not an opinion, it is FACT.


30 years of marmite in the uk. 20 years of vegemite in Aus. Vegemite is better.'ll see the error of your ways.

An acquired taste that I've acquired.

after inept application of the spread

rats ,this was meant to go after the poo reference dissing vegemite


No. Just no.'s nice on twiglets but strong feelings.

Although I do make a nice cheese scone round. Might benefit from a blob of Marmite in the mix. (it usually goes in my gravy too)

Go on! Try it. Just for the hell of it.

that's the problem :-(
I tried marmite chocolate and loathed it

no contest

Aussie Rules?

I've never agreed with the "you either love it or hate it" premise of the ad, because I only quite like it.

You either love it or hate it. There are rules, dammit. THERE ARE RULES*.

*admittedly these rules are set by the Marmite Marketing board who, theoretically, we don't have to answer to.

(it's been a long week)

especially: cheddar cheese, Marmite and Branston Pickle sandwiches....

yum ..... off for a bedtime snack!


The only problem with Marmite is that, assuming you can find a jar somewhere, it's bleedin' expensive over here.

oh never mind

I like Bovril on toast too.

after they introduced the plastic screw-on top.

you're funny, Grandad!

"Does your colostomy bag need emptying, or are you just pleased to see me?"

in the thai 3rd sex, unless I muddle him with a differently named best-selling author, which is which? Certainly the one on the right is short enough to be MiniB, but I can't see the sticky out bottom in this picture.

I'm still using a jar I bought in 1916 from a Turkish costermonger on my way back from Gallipoli.

Discovered on a saunter through my local internet: you have to use your imagination, but this is surely evidence of Higher Powers reaching out to us through the humblest of everyday objects:

Most definitely in

But I've got this t shirt and I wear it proudly. The guy in the picture isn't me by the way, I'm much better looking and can't understand why I've not been pressed into service as THE Marmite model.

AKA Vegemite.

But Marmite is a perfectly adequate alternative.

Try it layered thick in a bacon sarnie!!!!
And the old canteen staple of lettuce and marmite sandwiches is also a joy.
BUT isn't a more telling question as to whether you smear it on top of the butter or mix n merge it with the butter. Me, I'm a mixer.

It is a quite brilliant piece of marketing. It has driven awareness and sales for a low interest product. Like most people I suspect, I'm indifferent to its merits but feel somehow compelled into choosing a side. So, if it's a choice between Marmite or something else, I'll choose something else. Unless, that something else is sandwich spread which, as everyone knows, is actually bird sick.

Haven`t made up my mind

perfect mixed with peanut butter, or on toast or with good salted butter on fresh bread. Also, good as addition to stock and, when you've run out of pesto, makes for a very acceptable sauce with spaghetti plus butter and parmesan. Vegemite doesn't even come close.

Peanut butter and marmite is the best savoury toast spread it's possible to have; even better with some freshly ground black pepper on top. Yum. I also swear by pb and marmite sandwiches to sustain me on long bike rides: you've got your carbs, your protein and your salt right there.

Clearly you've never had a crunchy peanut butter and cheese sandwich. Possibly the claggiest thing you'll ever eat. But yum yum yum.

...une marmite is a French cooking pot, here - - depicted by Picasso

This site: shows a vintage version and the notes - "Marmite Vegetable Extract, A Sanitarium Health Food, Too much spoils the flavour" - would not be a sentiment that most companies, intent on selling as much as possible, would subscribe to these days

If Marmite is an "acquired taste", I guess this is the marmite of marmites, unlikely to sustain a thread in its own right. What is PP, say you? Why, t'is Gentlemans Relish, the saltiest rub this side of singaporean rotted shrimp. Any (par)takers? I think its, um, interesting. Tends, conveniently, to have a long shelf life. Perfect for when 2 whole jars of salted anchovies have failed to satisfy the urge. (Oiled don't count)

I feel like a Victorian gentleman when I eat it.

(really trying hard to ignore an available double entendre in that sentence)...

spread thinly on a Bath Oliver, with a very dry sherry.

No Marmite out here on the perimeter, but pots of Vegemite are occasionally seen on the Farang shelves of larger supermarkets, The way Australians continue to defend (and apparently eat) this vile spew - a by-product of the rubber industry - is in itself enough to condemn this savage continent, occupied by the ignorant and vicious dregs of society, to the shameful footnotes of History.

Here, a worker deals with a hazardous Vegemite spill at the factory:

Vegemite vats at Wollongakookaburragong:

Here, Bruce Tinniebarbie, Customer Relations, checks in for another day at the office:

spread thinly on a Bath, Oliver with a very dry sherry

(oops) it sounds very much like the Roman's great fave & historical meme 'fish sauce' to me

What kind of noise does fish sauce make, Forks?


...that Patum Peperium make another product called Poacher's Relish? I prefer GR, but PR is nice too, and is, if anything, saltier than its dark grey big brother. Smoked salmon and lemon are its main flavours. Good shit.

Isn't that the bit adjacent to the anus? Could explain a lot

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

which contains Guinness but is strangely alcohol free

4 jars of XO in the pantry. Paid about £1.50 a jar as the locals can't handle the strength.

And I thought me a man of edjumication, but I haven't come across that before, suggesting "is retro as clever as he thinks" to be an equivalently boolean hypothesis.

They eat it in the Seventh Circle of Hell

Something to look forward to. Hell's not all bad then.

I love it.

As a wise jar once read:
"Spread thinly. Delicious in sandwiches or on toast".

Something to ponder for us all, there.

It's the scrapings from around a cat's hole.


God I fucking love Marmite.

One Jar

Superb saltiness on toast, passable in sandwiches (especially with cheese) - not bad as an alternative to Bovril as a tasty hot beverage either.

Just one thing - what is it with these people who only use a globule the size of ant to spread on a slice of toast?
Ph, the toast should be painted with the stuff until one side is the colour of Newgates Knocker

Marmite as drink? Never. Addition to gravy, always. Bovril I do like as a drink, also lathered on toast. The lids really do get stuck with dried tendrils tho'. NHS used to have a cheapo version called Jardox. Really. say it slowly.

That'll be a No

great stuff.

For us living abroad, it's one of those things to be craved, like fig rolls, Horlicks, Worcestershire sauce, proper bacon, decent tea. I could go on.

..apart from having to ship in Marmite, I could avoid the smell of Horlicks, bacon & tea. Fig rolls are foreign anyway ...aren't they? When we visited Newton, they claimed it was what the town was famous for - it may have been a big fat lie!

Great for these long sunny summer days (we can hope).

Did anyone else get any of the chocolate bars brought out a couple of years ago? Marmite flavoured chocolate. Really quite nice.
As for the spread - i can take it or leave it.

I'm using it as a lubricant, out if I'm smoking it.

I think it's time for your re-flounce.

I buy the catering size pack from Costco. Lasts me about a month.

Seems aussie vegemite was created due to a shortage of marmite.

I think the colonial derivative is a superior product as many on this thread have testified ( that'd be two- me and Ray).

Apart from its delights as a spread ( I most prefer with lettuce on a sandwich)I find licking some vegemite from a teaspoon and applying to a mouth ulcer quickly remedies the problem.Hurts like fuck for a bit but it works.

Haven't tried just using salt to establish whether it is the active ingrdient.

piles, athlete's foot, leaks under the sink, repairing sneakers, grouting, filling cracks in cement. Isn't that enough for a product? Why do "you people" insist on eating it?

but it'll cure your Asthma too!

Where Marmite Chicken is a favourite national dish:

The Devil has many foods, Marmite is one of them.

He has anchovies. They are evil.

they make fish sauce (no, stop sniggering) from anchovies, which is entirely the right thing to do with the nasty little buggers. You get a little dish of clear (if fresh) golden liquid with tiny peppers chopped up, maybe a little garlic, and you drizzle a little over your fish (or meat, if so inclined) and it's delicious. Eating anchovies any other way is just wrong.

Yes, I'd forgotten about fish sauce. Good point, it's utterly delicious. OK, anchovies are forgiven as long as they don't try to sneak into my kitchen in any other form.

fry garlic & chilli a bit
add anchovies and fry until they dissolve into garlicky, hot, fishy, salty goo
eat with linguini

on toasted, buttered Warburton's crumpets with a pot of Thompson's Punjana tea, followed by Greek yoghurt with honey, with Otnette Coleman supplying the vibes.

Oh yes....

Commander Quorn Finger on deck.

but this recipe may win over a few of the Marmite doubters amongst you. It's quite daunting, almost Blumenthalesque, but worth the effort if you're confident enough

yes, I nicked this from b3ta

That's ace, I love the reviews at the bottom.

I URGE you to follow the link - its hilarious.

One of the later comments "I'm sorry but this recipe is not very clear. I followed it to the letter and somehow ended up with my penis caught in the ceiling fan."

"After an intensive 2 weeks training programme I felt confident enough to try the real thing. I should've maybe kept up the training a while longer as I managed to lose the hearing in my left ear after my first failed attempt and the dog ended up stapled to the curtains after the second."

Better get back to work - thanks maggiels & bob!

"Trying to cut down carbs, so I tried this recipe without the toast. (omit steps 1 & 3.) A little messy to eat, but still delicious."

"I don't have a toaster but I'm dying to find out what this culinary classic tastes like. Does anyone know if I'll do myself any harm if I use raw bread?"

""Spread the marmite on the toast" WITH WHAT!?

It sticks to my fingers more than the bread and my spatula doesn't fit in the jar!

"This is a GREAT recipe, and not too time-consuming. I had to make a few substitutions (a jacket potato for the bread, cheese for the Marmite, and chopped spring onion for the bayleaf), but it still turned out really well."

"Instructions weren't clear enough, now I have marmite in my eye."

That loaf toasted is perfect with Marmite.



Just arrived chez Never.

 photo FreshInFromTheAntipodes_zpsb92d2f30.jpg

Any views?

I've just acquired a jar of Marmite Cheese spread.

Haven't tried it yet, though.

I'll have to look out for that when I've whizzed through these two!

(rocket sprinkled on top) is a favourite so I'll look out for the Marmite Cheese spread.

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