Matt Berry

What's it called?: 
Music for Insomniacs
What does it sound like?: 
Matt Berry had trouble sleeping for a time last year and when he did he would go into his studio and make music. He ended up make a very personal album which he plays all the instruments. It consists of two 20 minute pieces of lush synths, strange sound effects and ghostly choirs. Designed to help you sleep Berry has said that you shouldn't make all the way through either piece, in fact you may never hear all of it! In the interests of research I did managed to stay awake and can say that it is brilliant. Many mood changes throughout the pieces with some lovely sounds. But it is nothing like this other albums so it may not be for you if you liked them.
What does it all *mean*?: 
Well, it should send you off to sleep. Not been successful for me so far but that may be that I found it so interesting and compelling to listen to.
Goes well with …: 
Bedtime? And I found it great to cook along with!
Might suit people who like …: 
Eno, Budd, Jarre but mostly Mike Oldfield.


very intriguing. I must say, I haven't heard anything else he's done, being put off, I suppose, by the 'sideline' aspect of it all.

Is it any good? He always seems to get decent reviews.

This album is nothing his last two. I wasn't that keen on Opium his first, I thought he was trying much to hard but the last two, Witchazel and Kill the Wolf are briliant. Playful, fun and and a bit tongue-in-cheek but with really good songs and musicianship.

He obviously loves early 70s psych-folk and prog but the band it reminds me of most is Forest who had two albums out 1969 & 70.

Read about his new album and references to Tubular Bells etc and was intrigued. Not up on Spotify as yet but just been listening to Kill The Wolf which is very good - very inventive and with all kinds of musical references including Oldfield. Great find thanks.

His odd persona in the Vicnbob show recently is both compelling and repulsive, as his R4 show with the equally compelling and repulsive Morgana Wotsit, from the same sitcom.
I can't help think that he would have to introduce any music with the spine curdling "and this is me"…….
Dispel or discuss?

nothing like any of those or his strange character in The IT Crowd.

Just two great Folk/Rock/Pop albums and the slightly odd (but brilliant) one above.

on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone. I'm impressed. It puts me in mind of the wonderful stuff on the Ghost Box label, which co-incidentally has just announced the release of a new album by The Soundcarriers:

two of his favourite albums are Tubular Bells and Oxygène. He also has a deal of interest in Jarre's Music for Supermarkets. This bears the imprint of that album too. As if I didn't think he were enough of a mensch already.

Just bought it from Mr Amazon, and listening it is really rather lovely. I am impressed.

Is the email tone on my phone. It is rather distinctive :)

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