The Midlands Mingle apocalypse

7 June 2013

Last 2 were cancelled, first due to inclement weather second due to indolence and apathy (only kidding!!). We are now going for it big style as rthey say and will be eating first class Cantonese food at the Ruby in Lichfield from 7.30pm on Friday 7th June - we will also be talking complete bollox and the more attendees we get the more bollox we get to hear. Be there or be square or something like that. Oh and by the way we are still planning on cd compilations with a theme of places. Ain't going to change it because mine has been primed since february and it hailed in my own household as a masterpiece.
Looking forward to seeing smiley faces old and new.


Albert Hall week so I may be a bit skint n knackered but if I can find some passengers \ petrol sharers I may make the trip

I've knocked the door of my CD drawer on the pc and it doesn't work no more*.... Could be an expensive
*Nope, not even the straightened out paperclip ruse
PS I'd give you a lift, Dog, but I'll be walking.

I have a bad dose of gout - decades of living like Henry VIII have finally caught up. No meat, fish, booze, beans, lentils, cauliflower, peas, Marmite, or basically anything else I would chose to eat. I am left with lettuce, nuts, yogurt, fruit and cheese. Enjoy the Cantonese banquet containing most of the above, you lucky buggers. Once the current attack is gone i can go back on meds to keep the uric acid down and perhaps return to my preferred diet of peppered swans and flagons of mead. But tonight, Matthew, I'll have to pass. At the next 'un, I'll bring the disc i burned in prep for tonight, plus whatever the next one's theme is. Have a great night.

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