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I'm feeling well chilled. Too chilled. It's a Bank Holiday but there is so much stuff to do. I need to fire up my sympathetic nervous system to innervate the adrenal medulla, produce a hormonal cascade and result in the secretion of catecholamines. I need something to get me going, prick the hairs on the back of my neck, pump my heart and sweat my palms. Something that is guaranteed to get me off my backside & do the things that need doing.

Eminem Lose Yourelf does the trick for me. My autonomic nervous system starts to kick in as soon as the guitar starts.

What works for you, Afterworders? What gets you motivated and up and running?

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Alternative Ulster by Stiff Little Fingers.

(Ritchie Valens: La Bamba)

One of my fondest memories is strolling across the Glastonbury site sometime in the '80s, pleasantly stoned on a blazing hot afternoon while Los Lobos played this on the pyramid stage.

I was a page-boy in a kilt. I couldn't resist jigging about to the song, which was played repeatedly. I was very careful not to twirl.

I've been wanting to do a thread on this for a while - great shout.

When it comes to getting fired up I tend to drop the quality bar quite a bit. Music I would never normally listen to becomes A-OK in the gym.

Here are the first tracks I generally reach for:

New Noise - Refused

Bangarang - Skrillex

We Want Fun - Andrew W.K

Them Bones - Alice in Chains

Also shout outs to Ante Up (M.O.P), No Easy Way Out (Robert Tepper), Roots Bloody Roots (Sepultura), Robot Rock (Daft Punk), Wait and Bleed (Slipknot), the whole of the first Chemical Brothers album and anything by Rage Against the Machine. All great to get the adrenaline going.

There's enough there to get me going for a year. My twelve year old son loves Skrillex. I can see why!

Anarchy In The UK, Smells Like Teen Spirit and Ace Of Spades are my three favourite energisers. But if there's so much to do that I need a whole album's worth, JAMC's Automatic gets a spin. Gear change 0.56 in:

I have a couple of JAMC albums but not Automatic. Sounds great.

Amphetamine by Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3, does it every time for me.

I haven't heard those 'guys' before & they really pack a punch!

Steve Wynn has been making music since the early 80s, initially with The Dream Syndicate - who incidentally played a storming reunion gig at Dingwalls in Camden last Friday. After they split he went solo. The Miracle 3 is one of several bands he runs (with his wife Linda on drums), along with The Baseball Project with Peter Buck from REM and the currently reactivated Dream Syndicate.

I agree. It's cracker.

It's the opening track on one of Uncut's cover CDs, "Hard Drive" - available (from time to time - "subject to availability", as I think they say) at most good charity shops and car boot sales.

"Hard Drive" also contains Calexico's wonderful "Not Even Stevie Nicks".

I probably bought that issue of Uncut. Now, I'm looking to buy it all over again!

There's another Uncut CD called "Rebellious Jukebox" which has this joyous noise on it..... Wiskey Biscuit. Give it time: it builds.

I like it!

to blow the cobwebs away!

here's a thought - you might get more done by resisting the draw of The Afterword for a couple of hours. I'm now going to close my laptop and do the dusting to "Heroes". Good luck with your tasks!

Let's have a listen & see if it gets me going!

The others are far too energetic!


hair-raising, hairy-arsed rock, innit?

Always makes me drive way too fast or kick the seat in front if on the train.

I honestly believe XTRMNTR is their best album, by a mile?

I do like some of their Stones/Faces pastiches (Country Girl remains one of the best singles of the past 25 years) but on XTRMNTR, Shields and Mani lock in, turn on Boaby's experimental side and everything shifts upwards several notches.

Accelerator, Kill all Hippies, Swastika Eyes, Shoot Thrill Kill Light are all just monumental pieces of music

They were also an incredible live band around this time - the live in Japan LP is excellent, you'll love the version of Accelerator, Six Dog, and Kowalski is vicious.

However, I do think the Stones/ Faces copycat card is overplayed. You'll not find much of it on Screamadelica (apart from Movin on Up and maybe Damaged), maybe one track on Vanishing Point (Mediciation), nothing on Accelerator, Evil Heat or Beautiful future.

I much prefer them ploughing a more adventurous furrow. Give Out But Don't Give Up was a huge disappointment to me after Sceamadelica. They've more than made up for it since, still going strong after thirty years!

The new record is excellent - wildly adventurous, bursting with ideas and hurricane force voume, whipping up mad crescendos from all kinds of different sounds. It's much closer to XTRMNTR than anything else, which made the choice of single as 'It's Alright, It's OK' so weird

Last album with a major looking for contract renewal?

If so, that would explain the relatively anodyne choice of single. Whilst not representative of the album, Sony's marketeers would see it as a safe choice - reminding people of the Scream from past popular releases *like* 'Moving on Up', 'Rocks', 'Jailbird' and 'Country Girl'. People intrigued, more people buy the album?

Don't think they would have gone on to buy the album if the lead off single was something akin to Exterminator, Miss Lucifer or Kowalski?

More spending to be done!
Let the Afro-Celts fire you up.
Should be compulsory windows open full volume music for bank holidays! Stuff the neighbours.

(Buddy & Julie Miller, from "Written In Chalk")

I luuuurve that. A couple of decent singers & an upright bass always make me happy!

The answer for me is usually Public Enemy,.....and particularly this rather urgent fan remix of Shut 'Em Down. Wonderful!

impressed the main sample comes from Jezahel by Shirley Bassey in 1972

(Other tracks that worked for me ...Bruce's Wrecking Ball and Viva La Vida)

Public Enemy are fantastic for this kind of thing.

I wish my device would allow me to post the full length version of Fight The Power!

Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - Ichabod.

Either that, or he exudes so much adrenaline, he can't keep up with it.

Excellent. They remind me of Sugar, whose Beaster I prefer to Copper Blue, in many ways (it's shorter for a start).

Here's Tilted, which is quite a racket for a trio.

if straining to reach the falsetto heights of the chorus: "I'm on the right side of a good thing!" doesn't get the hairs on the back of your head standing up, nothing will!
Video is The Fleshtones - Right Side Of A Good Thing
(Thanks to the marvellous el hombre malo for introducing me to this song).

However, don't you think they are leaping around a bit too fast for the music?

"Nothing's ever gonna happen 'round here
If we don't make it happen
Sleep away the day if you want to
But i got something that i gotta do

It's Saturday morning
And this ain't the place for me
I'm giving you warning baby
We got a whole big fat world to see"

Video is eels - Saturday morning

but that hits the spot nicely, drakey.

Atlas by Battles
Richard III by Supergrass
and, at the moment, and I know I will be alone in this, following their triumphant Saturday closer at Folk on the Pier earlier in the month
Roue Marc'h by Sonerien Du

The lanes of Norfolk have been pounded to the sound of strangely-chanted made-up Breton lyrics.

PS They have been going for over 40 years, so fair play to them, though the bombarde player is clearly young enough to have been conceived to one of their early albums.

A good short jolt of Pixies usually helps

Great choice.

Pixies! Of course!! Perfect!!!

The moment those drums kick in...oh my!

It still seethes with menace. I've never witnessed anything like it before or since. Ye haw!!
One o' my fave songs ever Ah, nowt like a blast o' Cardiacs on the headphones on the walk into work to get the blood pumpin'
& i can't leave Kristin off the list

I struggle with one video clip per post. You must have the patience of a saint to insert five!

& stubborness

I'm very fond of Wire and bare buttocks but, generally, you introduce me to material I would never dream of listening to otherwise. I can't say I like all of it, but, sometimes, I find myself falling for it completely. Thank-you.

under my outside prickly layer. Check out my fave song ever on the Songs You Hear In Other Tunes thread. A big ol' soppy ballad & lots o' my favourite songs are soppy & cheesy as a giant bag o' Quavers. But I like me some spice to mix with all that cheese & the really raucous stuff just makes me laugh & laughter's good for the soul. Thought the bare bums'd be to yer likin'. Jeez & I thought I was going easy on ya. This get me in fits o' giggles

It's a ballad but it comes from a broken heart. I hear grief and pain, real emotion. It's beautiful.

It IS beautiful & I love it. Others with harder hearts might though :~) Glad ya liked.

They were called Zen Guerilla, they supported The Supersuckers at King Tuts and they blew me away.

This song is just sheer adrenaline

They sound fantastic! Just listening to it caused me to lose seven pounds in sweat.

Another act I haven't heard before.

Foo Fighters. Never fails.

Velvet Revolver. Never fails.

Neither of those bands immediately spring to my mind when I'm looking for a thrill, but, as you demonstrate, the can always be relied upon to deliver!

Mrs Dan and I would always clean the house to these two:
Ministry - Jesus Built my Hotrod

Beasties - Sabotage

Ministry - yeah. A trip to the garage to dig that out is required

for every occasion! Nice pick, Rob.

Prodigy track. Well done.

But I usually find that this can lift my sagging spirit

But that picture roll technique in the video is a little disturbing.

Very few are dance. Here's another, though, that is rowdy enough to provoke a riot. In fact, some people thought it did.

The version you want is the 'single'. The extensions on the album & 12" add nothing & only serve to dilute the impact.

I have this playlist waiting specially for those times on long car trips when the concentration is threatening to wander:

"I've Been Waiting For Tomorrow (All Of My Life)" - The The
"Never Understand" - Jesus and Mary Chain
"Sorry Somehow" - Husker Du
"Kerosene" - Big Black
"You Made Me Realise" - My Bloody Valentine
"Ten Little Girls" - Curve
"In Shreds" - The Chameleons
"Hong Kong Garden" - Siouxsie and the Banshees
"Perfect Kiss (12")" - New Order
"Sin" - Nine Inch Nails
"Waiting Room" - Fugazi
"Die Laughing" - Therapy?
"Debaser" - Pixies
"Mania" - Throwing Muses

Works a treat.

A mention for Fugazi. Fantastic band, hugely under-represented on here.

Hong Kong Garden is great but I can't resist posting Jigsaw Feeling as performed on OGWT.

(Elvis Hitler - Ten Wheels For Jesus)

(Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper - Redneck Rampage)

(Dash Rip Rock - Let's Go Smoke Some Pot)

Wow! 'Lunatic Fringe' doesn't cover it!

When it's time to party he will always party hard.

How hard? This hard:

I wrote a post on the old site about an Andrew W.K. gig I went to last year. It was probably the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping music experience I've ever had. It took about three days to come down off it. Just writing about it now is getting me a little bit over-excited.

Seriously - watch that video. Freaking ridiculous, right?

my ears start twitching.

It's this. Out today. I have an interest....

And the bass solo is 'epic'!!

is my son, Toby :)

No wonder you are proud

That is the sound of my youth...
Can you believe this is 49 years old.
The soubriquet of longest hair in London (1964) must have surely been right.

is you really have to go some to raise it! I thoroughly enjoy that record, as did Bowie. I love Pin-Ups, me. When it was released, I thought it was his best album. As a naive teenager, that was my first exposure to sixties rock music other than The Beatles & The Stones. I thought it was fantastic & still have a soft spot for it today!

Music to get me going inevitably falls to one of these 3:

DMX - X Gon Give It To Ya

Massive Attack ft. Mos Def - I Against I

Caspa ft Flint - War

Solid beats and shouty men is definitely the way to go!

would get you going but the music itself isn't that energetic!

5 Minutes by The Stranglers

full of mean, lean, dirty rock and roll. Essential as music ever gets!

The Cult, She Sells Sanctuary

I'd describe that as pop music quite definitely. Not much pop on this thread but, as you illustrate so well, it often lifts the spirits and the energy levels considerably!

I love the Indigo Girls original, indeed I love the Indigo Girls full stop, but I actually listened to the lyrics properly for the first time. I have to say they hit a chord, not least with my own "journey" of late, but also some of the other posters of "self-effacing bollocks", of which they are not a few round here, and that , if I may say, this site is especially good at taking and responding to, judgement free and support heavy. This isn't a rocky raucous song, but play LOUD and listen to the sentiment. Then play it again, singing, living and believing it. Even LOUDER.

It is not as noisy as many others on the thread but no less intense!

Well, we had Sugar a bit earlier in this thread, so let's have Bob Mould's previous band, the Hüskers. This track has always got me a bit fired up.

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