My Bloody Valentine

What's it called?: 
m b v
What does it sound like?: 
After 22 years of endless speculation, and bands approximating what this record might sound like I was almost scared to listen. 'Loveless' was my generation's 'Velvet Underground & Nico' and it's churning psychedelia is all over alternative rock and electronic music. The songs are looser, and in a way more eerie and odd than 'Loveless'. 'She found now' is an understated, drumless opener with a beautiful melody and cooing vocal duet under sheets of guitar. 'new you' is a crisp Pop song in the vein of 'Soon'. 'wonder 2' sounds like you're listening on an 80s Walkman while strapped to a jet engine. This album is all about teasing you with buried melodic riffs, unexpected chord changes, disorientating shifts of loudness and is full of odd little details that make you want to play it again. This might not be the game changer (few bands have more than one of those in them, MBV have already made 2), but it is ultimately a fantastic record that I think I'm going to listen to an awful lot.
What does it all *mean*?: 
Considering the long 'lead' time on this one, everything around this release feels rushed and half finished, the flaky website, the sketchy artwork and song titles that look like working titles. Fortunately the music is sublime, intense and thrilling
Goes well with …: 
Its not often I make time to sit and listen properly to a record, I'm usually on the web or reading or on a train. This one requires a proper lights off, headphones on, immersive listen..and play it loud (preferably not while operating machinery)
Might suit people who like …: 
My Bloody Valentine and the hundreds of artists and bands who have taken their disorientating and uncompromising approach to combining noise and melody in all manner of wonderful directions in the intervening 22 years.


and had the peculiar sensation of hearing the aural equivalent of a Jackson Pollock painting - shifting, murky patterns. Wonderful, mesmerising, Almost hypnotic.

My conclusion: don't listen to this whilst driving.

after half a dozen listens. Initially I was underwhelmed but I'm finding things I like in there now. I had anticipated something more extreme, so not surprisingly I prefer side 2 to side 1.

Somewhat displeased to find they've charged me three times for my vinyl purchase though - check your credit card transactions...

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