My Bloody Valentine

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What's it called?: 
What does it sound like?: 
The Primal Scream thread made me go back to this record, which I haven't listened to in years and remember not loving. Hmm. Not sure what my ears were full of, because I remember thinking it was mimsy and fey and directionless. It is, of course, actually IMMENSE. Kevin Shields's queasy guitar swoops were what I'd remembered, but I'd forgotten the muscle underneath the wobble. From the moment "Only Shallow" roars in - and it does roar - I was hooked. Shields sounds like a man bowing a saw with a railway girder. "Loomer" churns nauseously, "To Here Knows When" is what the heavenly host would sound like if God had an imagination. After all that, the (nearly) pure pop of "When You Sleep" is like a sudden IV sugar hit, and "Blown A Wish" is surely the lost tape of Roger McGuinn stumbling into a well after nine tons of very fine refreshment. This is, in short, a remarkable record. Nothing sounds like it.
What does it all *mean*?: 
Oh, who knows? The lyrics couldn't be less important, or more inaudible. But it's a very good argument for the transcendent power of pure sound.
Goes well with …: 
Closed eyes.
Might suit people who like …: 
Oh, who knows? MBV sound like MBV. Nothing sounds like this record, but everyone should own it.


SUCH a great record, and your take on it is spot on. It seems to be growing with age as well.

Off to listen to it now. It's been at least a week.

Knew you'd come round!

also made me go back to XTRMNTR, which I have always loved but haven't listened to in a while. 


Shoot Speed/ Kill Light - killer chord changes, maaan.

Fully recommend the Live in Japan LP from 2003 I think. Shields on guitar - making the recorded versions of songs from XTRMTR sound kind of tame

I'll check it out. Ta, Chimney.

I'm really excited! As for the Primals, well i've had "2013" on repeat listening since it popped up on youtube. They should have David Holmes produce all their records, perfect partnership.

I ended up with tinnitus because I was too hard to wear ear plugs in 2008

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