Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

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What's it called?: 
Push the Sky Away
What does it sound like?: 
Lazy journalist scum have said it sounds like 'The Boatman's Call', which makes you realise they have never heard 'The Boatman's Call'. I guess this is nearest to the sound on 'No More Shall We Part' but with the bluster removed. Much of the instrumentation is sparse bass, guitar and percussion. Cave sounds far more laid back and you expect him to suddenly roar into his arm waving preacher mode but that never happens. Of course the usual pet subjects of love, sex, death etc are on display as is his sense of humour. 'Mermaids' seems to describe his life in Brighton including 'I do drivers alertness test' resulting from his seafront prang (missis). The album fades out with funeral title track, Cave crooning away as an organ plays. Its a quite short album but it stays with you for a long time afterwards. The only niggle I have is that I can already hear this subtle stuff being yabbered over by idiots at the gigs this autumn. If you want to listen then I'd get there early and up close.
What does it all *mean*?: 
That Cave may have blown out his noisy side with the excellent Grinderman and Dig Lazarus Dig album and gone for a looser and more reflective approach. Oh and the naked lady on the cover is his wife.
Goes well with …: 
A late night drive through city streets full of burnt out cars and shuffling hobos - North London should do
Might suit people who like …: 
Brooding middle aged men full of ennui and wasted love affairs.


It is quite stunning.

Sounds fantastic. On first listen, it felt like something was missing, but having listened a couple more times, it has really grown on me already.

*Comes with free single with a couple of extra tracks and a download code for the album in MP3 format - best of both worlds.

I mean I like it a lot, and it is a very good record, but I keep hearing that it's his best ever album, and the most wonderful thing he's ever done, and it just isn't. I'm not even sure it's as good as Dig, Lazarus, Dig, and it's certainly no Let Love In. I love the atmosphere and texture of the record, but the melodies and songs just aren't there like they have been before. I don't know how many people here saw the webcast that is mentioned elsewhere on the site, but the gig format was the whole of the new album in order, with a second half made up of older Bad Seeds stuff. And, frankly, that second half pissed all over the first.

parallel band, screenplays.......

perhaps distracted /spreading himself too thin.

Seeing him next sat in melb at a mega outdoor venue. Expect strings and a choir as has featured on some other shows in this tour.

I have deliberately avoided his more recent stuff, as it seemed he was grinding away ever more noislly at the expense of tune and melody. I listened to this on spot and, weirdness on weirdness, found myself hearing echoes of Jackie Leven, infused with some Jim Morrison, more in style than timbres, neither a bad thing in my book, tone poems of a near hypnotic earwormery. Anyone else find this, something I have never noticed in my earlier dalliances with his oeuvre?

This album is a real grower? The more i listen the more I hear. If not for The Next Day, I'd be raving over it.

Dfb is right. It's an album that stays with you. It's superb!

that's his GLW on the front cover...a rather, er, bold move.

D'oh.... Already made this comment yonks ago. But loving this record more and more. On e music, dontcha know, less than a fiver.

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