Nik Kershaw

What's it called?: 
What does it sound like?: 
Crafted middle-of-the-road pop music might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Kershaw’s melodic gift is such that these songs work their way into your head very quickly, then stay there. The current single ‘The sky’s the limit’ would be a huge hit if Take That recorded it, while ‘You’re the Best’ is reminiscent of Jellyfish in the way that it is built around a chorus so absurdly catchy that you think he must have stolen it from an old playground chant. ‘Stuff’, an observation on rabid consumerism, has echoes of Ray Davies, while ‘The Bell’ is a beautiful acoustic piece in which he describes the images he’ll have in his head when the Grim Reaper comes calling. Self-deprecating humour is never far away and ‘If I ever get like that’ is a jaunty little take on the notion of old pop stars on the comeback trail. If we lived in a world that could comfortably accommodate a singer in his fifties having hits, several of these tracks would have ‘single’ written all over them.
What does it all *mean*?: 
That a pop star can evolve and grow older with dignity, grace and humour. Here’s an artist who has gone past the point of worrying about where his music fits in. He’s just writing lovely songs and enjoying life.
Goes well with …: 
A late-night mug of cocoa. Or singing along in the car. Or thinking to yourself: ‘ooh, that’s a nice chord change’.
Might suit people who like …: 
It would all sound good on Radio 2. If you like Crowded House when they focus on the melodic jugular, or if you like Aimee Mann but wish she would lighten up a bit, this might be up your street.


.....kind of lost interest in him after that but when I listened to them recently they still sounded fab, just ignore the 80's production, just good slick pop songs. Would be quite interested to hear this new album.

I've always liked his songwriting but always like him as a bloke as well. On this recommendation I shall be checking this new one out. Thanks Raymond.

I like it but not sure if it really stands out or is strong enough to get him back into the album chart.
I see Tanita Tikarum(?) has an album out too so I wonder how she will fare?

well played, then his album 15 minutes is highly recommended.

here's a sample:

'15 minutes' is one of my favourite albums.
There's not a duff track on it and it contains the best 'mid-life crisis' song I've heard by any artist.

When I started reading the thread, I thought I should share Billy. A great song.

It's also on eMusic so a bargain if you have subscribed for a while. Highly recommended.

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