The North Sea Scrolls

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What's it called?: 
The North Sea Scrolls
What does it sound like?: 
Well how much you enjoy this album will depend on your acceptance of Luke Haines as a grumpy reluctant musician and self proclaimed genius. I'm very much on the upswing with that. A collaboration with Cathal Coughlan (who takes lead vocals on alternate songs) & Andrew Mueller - the themes are varied and strange. In 'Broadmoor Blues Delta' Jimmy Savile as Lucifer (the song was written last year before all the nastiness) fixes it for Princess Anne's attempted abductor, Ian Ball, to swap places with similarly named Gomez singer. In 'I am Falconetti' DJ Chris Evans is burnt at the stake for his crimes but believes he has become the living spirit of the lead actress in Carl Dreyer's Passion of Joan of Arc. In other songs, Joe Meek is a member of parliament as the cast of On The Buses compete against Oswald Mosley's blackshirts in an episode of 'Its A Knockout' as poet laureate Enoch Powell looks on from space. Its like a dark trip through Haines' soul with plenty of laughs on the way
What does it all *mean*?: 
Fucks knows! Tales of violent bands of Morris dancers, bit part actor Tony Allen is cast as great mover and shaker in history influencing the lives of Sid James and Peter Green & the history of Ireland is examined via an IRA atrocity tribute band.
Goes well with …: 
A dry sense of humour and a love of the beautiful and strange. A knowledge of the 1970's pop culture and high culture may help. This is history making stuff ie history is being remade and reimagined before your very lugholes.
Might suit people who like …: 
The North Sea Scrolls is an absolute treat for those who love outsider pop and a little bit of art with their pop. Haines delivers the songs in his usual rasping style, Cathal Coughlan is like his full throated alter ego on piano - they are one.


I've been looking forward to this. Cathal Coughlan is a hero of mine, Haines too. Still five days to payday though, dammit.

I've been listening to it & it's marvellous. Cathal's deep, rich voice is an utter joy.

Thanks for that review. Tickets booked for St Pancras church on the 6th of December.

there right now. Hope you enjoy it - tell us about it. I'm listening to the album now. It's great.

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