Palma Violets

Rigid Digit's picture
What's it called?: 
What does it sound like?: 
(Cliche Alert!) Latest band in a run of NME-backed Libertines pretenders (end Cliche Alert!). Stuffed full of energy and (importantly) tunes, even the lo-fi production can be forgiven on the strength of some of the songs. First listen indeed brings to mind the above mentioned cliche, but repeated listening brings out a wider range of influences and sounds. Ranging from Iggy Pop to The Doors, a smattering of Joy Division and a bit of a Richard Hawley-type vocal in places (albeit dressed up in an 80s-ish sound).
What does it all *mean*?: 
There are some good songs on here, and the album certainly benefits from repeated listening, but it is not exactly earth shattering. Maybe a bit more time and a bit less hype and expectation will see the Palma Violets blossom.
Goes well with …: 
Recently soundtracked Saturday morning washing-up and house-cleaning. Probably has other applications too.
Might suit people who like …: 
Libertines (obviously), Vaccines, Courteeners, Everything Everything, Miles Kane
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