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What's it called?: 
What does it sound like?: 
It sounds like everyone in the anty-podes is on rather good drugs, is what it sounds like. "Is it psych, Burt?" I hear you ask in your patronising, whining, disinterested way. Well, yes and no. What makes these guys rather special is the seamless incorporation of sounds and styles from the sixties right up to, well, the eighties. There's some beats and bleeps here that sound almost contemporary. It's all very, very melodic, softly sung, song-based. It's effectively what we used to call a double album (a CD, for younger readers), but I've managed a couple of straight-through listens without my attention wandering off into the bushes for a smoke. Hmmm. It's all really rather good. There's a couple of instry-mentals, which slip down a treat, and an epic final track that floats you off somewhere nice. I'm getting dandelion seeds blown on gossamer vespers, stained glass windows underwater ... I'm getting hints of mint and licorice ... how many characters do I have left? Twenty two? Nine? Th
What does it all *mean*?: 
It means I'll be combat-crawling through the undergrowth for their earlier albums, which I unaccountably missed. I mean, Mojo lives down there with the kookaburras, doesn't he? Shouldn't he be alerting us to all this fantastic music? Seventeen charac
Goes well with …: 
The Church, The Moffs, Belles Will Ring, Tame Impala ... no way am I going to fill this box. A hundred and fifty seven characters left? No, wait - a hundred and six? Eighty five? This is driving me nuts. Forty seven, then. Twenty eight characters lef
Might suit people who like …: 
Really fab outtasite music. Drugs. Stereo headphones. Right, that's it. That's your lot. Bloody cheek, you ask me. And it's taken, like, forever to make that smudgy little cover image acceptable to the Neo-Con fascist lizards running this blog, the f


and didn't know about them and you know Mojo if their roots didn't sprout in the sixties well.

What do you think about these nights in/nights out section? They rarely get any comments. I reckon it is coz people just scan the blog list and unless thty see one of these items pop up in the just updated list they never notice these contributions.

of tracks on resto playlist - 'Flock of Hearts' and 'Eventually'. Rather pleasant, but tending to the inoffensive.

the nights in/out section works well. It's like a noticeboard. More of a shout-out rather than a dialogue.

Ian - those tracks aren't on the latest album. I see what you mean about tending to the inoffensive, but Fandango has a lot going for it other than in-yer-face-ness. Chords, harmonies, arrangements, and a very authentic lysergic haze. Good album.

a thumbs up function might be nice ,as a thanks for the effort sort of thing

is the album that these tracks are on. 'Flock' is a lovely track, though, as per usual, I haven't given the album sufficient time. I'm certain their music works a great deal better in a hot, sunny climate rather than wet and windy Edinburgh.

"Black Mould". I paid attention to the lyrics for the first time today - it's about living in a perpetually damp "shit-hole" in New Zealand, watching the mould creep over everything. It sounds gloomy, but sung in such a sweet, gentle context it gives the track an almost hilarious - and unique - flavour. I'm hearting this album more and more.

with this album on the road all week. I must have played it about 10 times since Monday.

I love it. At first I was nonplussed, then I spotted all the faults, then I realised they weren't faults, they were just different sounds and ideas competing for my attention. Then last night I heard it for the first time as one seamless musical journey.

Interestingly the "heart" of this album isn't the music, it's the lyrics. They are refreshingly different and have some of that cosmic logic that Pink Floyd were adept at delivering in their heyday. Soundwise i was hearing everything from 60s psychedlia, Gong-like progressive rock, China Crisis, The Frasier Chorus, OMD, The Orb. It was when I gave up on trying to spot the influences that I just gave myself over to their take on music. It's a genuine joy this album and not one for cynics at all.

You my BRUVVER, man! Gi' Burt a big man-hug!


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