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I just wanted to see what Podcasts are currently in vogue among the movers and shakers of this vibrant scene for the purposes of getting in on the act. Podcasts enliven my long drive to work a great deal but I feel I need some more material. I'll lay down my hand as it were, and would be very grateful to be seen, and even raised.

1) The Brian Gittins Show (Via Spreaker.com) A wonderfully inept and highly amusing SKYPE based show from the actor David Earl in character as the charmless Brian Gittins
2)The Danny Baker Show (Obviously - peerless pointlessness)
3)Rhod Gilberts Best Bits
4) Hamish and Andy (excellent value Aussie pretty boys excel out of FM drive time confines)
5) Frank Skinner on Absolute
6) Documentary of the Week (BBC)
7) Comedy of the Week (BBC)
8) Thinking Allowed (BBC)
9) The Moth - excellent live story telling from the American public networks
10) A Prairie Home Companion - Garrison Keillor's wonderfully woven tales from Wobegon

And I have created another list (which has prob been done on a previous thread)!!

Do I win $5?

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I know some of these rub some up the wrong way (cf Nerdist), but these are the ones I listen to every week in descending order of personal priority/taste

Greg Proops - Smartest Man In The World
The Dana Gould Hour (a bit irregular, monthly ish)
John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman - The Bugle (freeform topical BS)
The Nerdist
Paul F Tompkins - The Pod F Tompkast
Kevin Pollak's Chat Show (audio or video)
Harry Shearer - Le Show
Bill Maher - Real Time (cable TV show audio)
Jeff Garlin - By The Way (a new one)
Comedy Film Nerds

my list is drawn mainly from 'casts belonging to US comics as well as the usual In Our Time, This American Life etc.

I also greatly dig:

The Adam Carolla Show - 5 days a week of stuff that's a bit libertarian, a touch repetitive and scabrously funny when Carolla sets his mind to it. There are few comics with a content-generation engine as impressive in the podverse

Mohr Stories - reformed douche canoe Jay Mohr interviews whoever takes his fancy with mixed usually amusing results. Terrific mimic and a lot more measured and calm than you'd guess from his TV and film appearances. Jay's a big music and sport fan and this shows in the 'cast

Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast - a punchline-adverse Boston club comic melds obsession with New England 'sports franchises' with relationship advice that Burr admits he's completely unqualified to proffer. Bill's delightful girlfriend, Mia, pops up occasionally to engage in mild gender conflict with our genial host and warm the listeners' ears with her velvety delivery

The Nerdist I'd dig more but I really can't relate to Chris Hardwick's buddies particularly Matt Myra who sounds like Tina from 'Bob's Burgers' without the wit and charm

The Smartest Man in the World is simply a revelation. Can't recommend it highly enough.

The Nerdist, Kevin Pollak and Marc Maron are all excellent from time to time, but much (for me) depends on the guest. Nobody has the format nailed.

Now, I will fuck off into this good night.

another fan of the Proopmaster General, they are everywhere. May every page you turn be a Satchel Paige.

Kermode and Mayo film podcast
The Archers
The Long Now
Robert Elms
Radcliffe & Maconie
Four Thought
Friday Night Comedy Podcast

The last time podcasts was a thread subject, I listed all previous podcast threads - that may guide you:
But I hope that doesn't stop more posts now - it's always interesting to get an up-to-date picture of listening habits.

Frank Skinner (Absolute)
Danny Baker (BBC R5)
Ian McMillan The Verb (BBC R3)
The Mike Harding Folk Show (independant but on itunes)
Radcliffe & Maconie (BBC R6)
Drama of the Week (BBC R4)
A Folk Song A Day (John Boden, independant but on itunes)

I don't listen to them all through the week, but relish holidays where I can sit quietly and catch up.

I tend to only listen to podcasts whle running, as I am unable to run with music on for some reason.

Danny Baker's R5 podcast is glorious.
But most of all, I really enjoy Steve Lamacq 6Music Round Table podcast, which I discoved last year. It stopped me from only buying new old music and actually listening to contemporary stuff again. I heard loads of new bands I really loved and ended up going to more small gigs and buying new records, which was a really positive development.

Guardian Football Weekly, and Guardian Football Weekly Extra - the best footy podcast out there OOAA
Friday Night Comedy (BBC) - I prefer the News Quiz to the Now Show
The Infinite Monkey Cage - Just catching up on the available back catalog, hopefully some new ones soon
Richard Herring Talking Cock - Richard Herring talking about Kojak's Moneybox and other euphemisms
Richard Herring Warming Up - the audio version of his long running blog
Simon Mayo's Confessions (BBC) - not always the most incisive of wit but some genuinely funny moments
Talking Naturally - confession time, I'm a birdwatcher, this is the only podcast I know of about birding and sometimes it features people I know
Festival of the Spoken Nerd, Extra Time For Questions - a more shambolic stab at Infinite Monkey Cage subject matter

whilst some are in the 'only if I feel like it' category.
Currently on the pod:
99% Invisible-pretty much guaranteed fascinating- usually 10-15 mins
Answer Me This -puerile but can be v funny
Battleship Pretension - film stuff, nice long sometimes rambling conversations
Comedy Film Nerds
Don Carlin's Hardcore History
Double Feature -schlock & slasher film stuff - excellent
Kermode & Mayo
Slate's Culture Gabfest
Slate's Political Gabfest
Sound Opinions
The Bugle
The Dork Forest
The Memory Palace-nice, short history 'cast
The Moth
The Q& A with Jeff Goldsmith - film again, screenwriters, directors interviews
The Smartest Man - Greg Proops
This American Life
Walking The Room- obscene & brilliant
WNYC - Radiolab
WTF with Marc Maron
Also giving the Nerdist another crack. Didn't like the inspeak smugness aspect last time round but guests are good, so we'll see

APM: A Prairie Home Companion . Garrison Keillor being utterly charming
Democracy Now ! - Leftist American news broadcast
The Dinner Party Download - Food, drinks and anecdotes
Football Weekly
Here`s The Thing - Alec Baldwin is a very fine interviewer
Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo
The Moth Podcast
NPR Fresh Air
NPR All Songs Considered
Radio 4 General Knowledge Quizzes
The Rocking Vicar - The Word lives on !
Real Time with Bill Maher
Skeptoid - Where quacks and conspiracy nuts getting put down
This American Life

Prairie Home Companion ? Can you get the full shows or just the 15 minute news segments, because that's all I can find on iTunes....

Will definitely give Alec Baldwin a go (thanks for the tip), and I should have included NPR All Songs Considered in my list, although I've been swamped with the backlog of the others for months so that one has slipped off my radar a bit. I do love it when I have the time to listen. The Dec 15 2010 'listeners pick of the albums of 2010' was an absolute belter. I've been back through that episode several times, far more times than a significant number of albums I own.

I can only get the 15 minute shorts too, although you may also like to take a look at the vinyl cafe - a Canadian podcast in a similar whimsical and amusing vein. Stories, live music and presented like an old school variety show. Frequently excellent

1. The Danny Baker Show
2. Kermode and Mayo
3. The Football Ramble
4. R4 Friday Night Comedy
5. Radcliffe and Maconie
6. The Infinite Monkey Cage
7. Selected Shorts (short stories read by the stars of stage and screen)
8. Richard Herring's Leicester Square Podcast

Mysterious Universe:

Basically a Aussie podcast version of Fortean Times

that's on my Downcast, in no particular order:

Answer Me This - as noted above, puerile but consistently funny and not too long
The Creative Coding Podcast - a work-related thing - good if you're interested in creative programming
The Danny Baker Show - no more needs to be said
In Our Time - ditto
Kermode & Mayo film reviews - great but usually skip the interviews
The Nerdist - good if the guest is good. Probably actually listen to about a quarter of these. The recent one with Dave Grohl was great, also check out the Tom Morello one.
NPR: All Songs Considered - new music reviews etc.
Sound Opinions - ditto
Steve Lamacq's Roundtable -
The Wired.co.uk podcast - decent tech and science news roundup
WNYC's Radiolab - brilliant. If you check no others on my list, get this one. Tons of old ones to listen to - try the parasites one for starters - http://www.radiolab.org/2009/sep/07/
Adam & Joe - OK, they're not on anymore but still gets new episodes when Adam does a collaboration, like recently with Edith Bowman which was really very good.
Desert Island Discs - depending on who the guest is
Infinite Monkey Cage - good but samey. Will probably stop with this one soon.
Metal Hammer Podcast - not great but essential listening around festival time to decide who might be worth a watch (I go to Download and Bloodstock \m/)
The Perfect Ten w/ Phill Jupitus & Phil Wilding - Pure self indulgent filth and fairly dormant now but worth a listen
Requiem Metal Podcast - very irregular podcast focussing on the more underground side of metal. Some really great past episodes if you're interested.
Richard Herring's Leicester Square Podcast - usually worth a listen and superb if the guest is on form

That's plenty!

1. Desert Island Discs
2. The Football Ramble
3. Guardian Football Weekly
4. Off the Ball (Scottish football)
5. Danny Baker
6. Fighting Talk
7. Adam & Joe (sadly not on anymore)
8. Kermode & Mayo (infrequent these days)

I see I am going to be kept busy! Great suggestions off to plug the iPod in now!

Coldcut and co making that dance music. Well worth your time.

No longer updated, but still available on iTunes. In each of the 20 episodes, Neil MacGregor (also responsible for 'History Of The World in 100 Objects') takes the same format as his previous series and examines the world that Shakespeare lived in through various objects (a medal struck from looted Spanish silver to commemorate Drake's voyage around the world, a pedlar's trunk used to celebrate Catholic mass). Absolutely fascinating.

Marc Maron and WTF is an acquired taste (I usualy skip the intro at a rate of knots), but the interviews with Dave Alvin, Dave Grohl and J Mascis are none-more-Word for mine. Haven't made my way up to the Aimee Mann one yet.
Dave Grohl's "Sound City" movie sounds interesting too.

http://theafterword.co.uk/content/podcast-recommendations-0 has a bunch of pointers to podcasts and threads

Can anyone suggest podcast software or app for an iPhone 5 as I was on Blackberrybefore and haven't got around to sorting this.

which works really well.


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