psst: What Are You Wearing ?

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I'm wearing groovy swimming shorts with blue William Morris-esque dolphins on them, saffron t- shirt, Om sign necklace, sandals, and sandalwood cologne. Well, you've got to make an effort sometimes, haven't you, and besides, I'm out foraging for samosas later and you never know just who you might bump into like ;-)

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This is the kind of question asked by uninvited telephone Interviewers who proceed to quiz on underwear preferences. I will hope you are uninterested in my Asda boxers, and more impressed by my 'jazz and conversation WJAZ' (geddit?) t-shirt, black jeans and trainers without socks..

...Burt's obviously not up yet. There'll be trouble, I'm thinking...


a good look there Vince. Unfortunately I'll have to change my t-shirt as I've just dropped some Leerdammer on it, ffs.

with baggy sweatpants & battered trainers. Very sexy. But, I've gots lots to do!

I'm clearing out the shed. I am wearing paint-stained pale grey flared jeans (vintage about 2002) and a t-shirt that says "I LISTEN TO BANDS THAT DON'T EVEN EXIST YET, and my faithful Globe trainers.

Also, the head of one of my victims, as a hat. Obvs.

Nick Lowe "Peace, Love & Understanding" T shirt, brown jeans, Timberland walking shoes, Nike Fuelband and Bedat watch.

plus blue & white striped shorts and tasteful leather Crocs.

a dressing gown and a towel around my head. And rainbow-coloured wool socks. (I'm still trying to calm down after last night's Rammstein concert, deep in the woods on the outskirts of Berlin)

I imagine big hair.

Long sleeved T Shirt which says 'Japan Rags' for some reason. Very baggy blue cotton shorts which are trendily distressed (and even more so after 5 years of wear). These haute couture items are 'teamed' with highly unfashionable hiking socks and trainers.

(Must get some Lycra)

Cycled into work at daft o'clock this morning and it was well parky, I can tell you. Cycled home in lovely sunshine this arvo. Don't know what it's like to behold, and don't care; my Roubaix-thickness skinsuit is a joy to bewear; it's the business for a short sharp commute.

Only kidding, he's working. Blue jeans, white tee, brown stripey hoody.

a yellow-on-red Neil Innes "nose-thumbing" t-shirt tucked into a pair of pale blue faded "George at ASDA" jeans, no socks and a pair of tatty Navy Blue moccassin slippers.
Groovy, baby!

great stuff. My mind is a sartorial phantasmagoria, a veritable Indra's net of all your Sunday kit! I'm now rocking a cool clean amethyst purple t-shirt after the Leerdammer incident (phew! I thought it was in the laundry basket where Wendy often sleeps/hangs out), so you can all relax and stop worrying now.

Knackered pair of Asda jeans, Ushers of Trowbridge t-shirt (second hand and knackered too!), white boxers and white socks. Should do for a cycle ride shortly.

Never wear jeans when you're cycling. Bad for the nether regions you know.

But I quickly buggered up the gears and gave up. Why, oh why don't they make bikes with 3 speed sturmey archer gears anymore? By the time I've worked out what gear I need it's too bloody late to change!

a Screamadelica top that I bought from the worldwideweb last week. (I'm very pleased with it.) Plus knee length creamy-coloured shorts and appropriate undergarments. Nothing else. Flip-flops if I go out. Socks are for squares, Daddy-o.*

*And for cool hipsters when it's chilly.

Fat face short sleeve shirt(grey)
Fat face, unshaven (red)
No shoes, no socks.
It's a sunny sunday, the garden can tend itself.
Noting all the Ts, guys. Who said T shirts didn't suit the older man? You lot'll tell 'em!!

...old Gap cargo pants with pockets full of cable ties, screws, bits of glass picked up from the veg patch etc etc, and Crocs - the executive ones with suede on.

Paint splattered jeans, my much loved Primevals tee and a frown worn upside down.

Grandad shirt, 501s, blue socks. Plaid overshirt when it gets cooler.

I'm off out now to score some samosas and the obligatory olives, but as I have long boho badger tresses, they keep blowing in my face and increasing the risk of death by tractor or by pods of weekend townies in 4 x 4s. It's a necessary bugger, this stretchy thing. Ho hum. I'll have a jaunt past the Thin Place just in case there's some foxy elf chick hanging around. If not, I'll whaft around Waitrose Deli Counter looking groovy. You never know. Fingers crossed, hepcats and hipchicks. Huzzah Shanti! Once more unto the Mango Juice!

And if you have found any foxy hippychick by the Deli Counter, here is the perfect track to play her, Now is the Time. A friend lent me a CD by The Free Design - it's totally groovy!

Alas no luck on the sexy foxy boho witchy type chick front at the deli counter, and none at the Thin Place either. The Elf chick was running a pilates class for denizens of the Otherworld and they were all wearing tracksuits and listening to The Lighthouse Family. Evil does indeed stalk the land.

Lovely track by the way!


Spent most of the day gardening in an old air/sea rescue flourescent yellow goalkeepers shirt and enormous black basketball shorts, teamed with some red and black Vans flip-flops.

Have just showered and changed into some Next jeans and a blue/white/grey check Ecko Unltd short-sleeved shirt I bought last year while on holiday in Florida and am watching the women's FA cup final. Off out for food and then onwards to watch the new Star Trek film soon, so have some blue socks ready to put on and will need to chose between a pair of battered brown Timberland boots and some less-battered brown corduroy-effect Converse All-Stars to complete the ensemble.

Black tee, Asda Boxers, Trainer socks and leg strap to hold catheter in place!

I'm in a boozer in South West London with my entire extended family and various mates celebrating my niece's christening.

I wish to god I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, although at least I managed to convince my missus to let me leave the tie at home.

and silver pumps. enjoying the sun in Yorkshire.

V-neck Fat face t-shirt
Uniqlo straight leg jeans, unfortunately gone on the inside of the thigh. Most of my jeans eventually go that way.
Green stripy socks.

It's been a slow and contented Sunday. I took my little girl to the cinema to see 'Wreck-it Ralph' for the second time. No-one noticed my raggedy arsed jeanage in the dark.

Purple T shirt, purply plum and amethyst cardigan, and purple trousers with white spots on. These might look like pyjama bottoms to the casual observer. I'm calling them 'loungewear.'

are David Icke and I claim my five pounds.

in a "Drover" hat, my aviators, a rather fine Italian cotton blue & white striped shirt, decent walking shoes and a pale fawn pair of craghoppers. I seem to be turning into Michael Palin.

Somehow so much more appropriate

Windmill Hill at Cricket St Thomas by any chance, Vulpes ?

I'd forgotten that you are a fellow West Country groover. I moved here 10 years ago and love the place. I'm originally from a Rhodedendron bush outside Worplesdon.

Babysitting my two year old nephew. Dear Lord, seven monkeys would be less energetic...

wearing nowt. I read your post in an alarmed fashion!

I've spent a lot of today alone with my daughter - trying out painting - how to avoid everything ending up a muddy splodge of mixed colours, we ended up with me offering her separate colours on request with each colour having its own jamjar of water.
Having selected her colour, she then span round and round, making herself very dizzy, then, dunk!, into the paint, splash!, into the water, repeat till bored, then, when prompted, splat!, paint on the paper.

I've been wearing this, and have been tempted to zip up the hood and let it all wash over me...

John Travolta Saturday Night Fever T-Shirt
Asda Jeans
Odd Socks
Grey Hoodie
Adidas Trainers (filthy)
God, the wife is so proud.........

but I'm covered in muck from head to toe. I've been out the back for the last couple of hours jetwashing the patio stones,path and anything else that got in my way.I look like one of those people who dive in the mud at Glastonbury.Time for a shower I think.

So, ancient pair of dark grey walking trousers, equally old checked shirt, floppy sunhat, and a pair of ear defenders over the hat.

Now, freshly showered, in sweatshirt and tracky trousers.

Oh, goodo, it's gin o'clock...

round here buy their jeans at Asda?

Levis (34/34) ideally 519s. matchstick or 501s (506s sometimes). Usually black. Wearing some right now. They last for years, and I have had the same size for 30 years. Its almost the only item of attire I have any real interest or fernickityness about.

I've got some Barbour Steve McQueen jeans from the Jarrow seconds shop (£30) but my daughters tell me they are 'dad' jeans. I don't care. Genuinely Geordie jeans and tight aroond the awss

favours the Levi 512 bootcut in blue stonewash. This is the only item of clothing he'll spend proper money on. All his chinos come from Primark (and very nice they are too)!

am a 517 man

Isn't "bootcut" modern for flared?

Timberland and the evil Gap.

Edwin jeans. The natural choice for all discerning hipsters. Probably.

Japanese denim? Now THAT's a hipster brand.

Mine are generally Diesel (always bought in a sale) or Levis. I do own a pair of Prada jeans which were given to me as a gift and I feel a twat every time I wear them (although they're not particularly flash).

I wear chinos more than jeans these days though. Haven't bought a pair in ages.

my "trahsers" were either an handmade pair of leather strides or a choice of three black FU'S. Jezziz I once looked great, now I'm a fat baldy old geezer. The fire still burns and I'm 24 in ma heid.

Sounds like you were more of a biker Goth than a popinjay - would that be right?

no eyeshadow, lippy or winklepickers for me.

well, I do. I prefer Indian Cotton trousers or Leisure Pants ideally, (the latter are an exact science of course, as one does NOT want to veer into Bloke at B & Q territory). Cheap and cheerful jeans. None of this 'designer' nonsense. That's for The Man.

I steal mine from raggle-taggle gypsy's washing lines.

You trousers are cursed! Get them off! NOW!

will without a doubt be the best offer I'll receive today.

They need a stunt double down in Budleigh Salterton where they're filming Revenge Of The Bearded Whelk. I'll give them your statistics. Should be a few bob and a bag of chips in it for you.

that are 'snug' on the waist these days, old long-sleeved cotton top and dirty trainers, all ideal for what used to be called 'creosoting' the shed. Seem to have creosoted most of the patio as well, which means trouble when Mrs Bungliemutt finds out.


Today I am wearing this:

"I have swum with the cod off Grimsby" t-shirt

Do you think Keith Jarrett has one? I don't suppose he does.

duco01 where might I find one?

Many tinkly, noodly, dreamy thanks for that.

Every time I wear mine, attractive young ladies come up to me out of the blue and whisper things like "Oh duco, can we go back to your pad and listen to some 1970s solo jazz piano improvisation. And you can drone on and on about your favourite ECM albums."

and some wellies.
Well - it's my week-end to visit my parents.

nerd? Me?

Of Course!

with thanks to the Rocking Vicar

white jeans and a Choose Life t shirt. Summer has arrived.

black bermudas, a funky Swedish T-Shirt and those walking shoes with the ridiculously high soles. Thank god no-one can see me

You're up and primed very early this bank holiday morning. I'm still in my Hendix Kimono and Tie Dye sling backs.

Top hat, monocle, and tofu thong

I always knew you were a goat oggler, Forks. Anyway. Spill the beans, dear heart. What are YOU wearing, eh ?

Deely boppers, nipple clamps and wellies

...on coming through Newcastle city centre yesterday there was a hen party enjoying the rare northern sunshine, one of whom was sporting deely boppers representing two penises. Who said good taste was dead?

waiting at the bus stop, when a group of lads approached the crossroads at the top of the Bigg market carrying something on their shoulders. The 'something was there friend bollock naked apart from an unbuttoned shirt. They placed him down in the centre of the crossroads where he proceeded to wave his family jewels at buses and cars. Going to Newcastle tomorrow will keep my eyes peeled for the deely-boppers.

Keeping an eye out for his family jewels too

My daughter is at Evolution on the Quayside with a group of friends - she reports back that its 'an education'. Geordies are wonderful and very friendly but mad as a bag of badgers

have you seen the film about the Bigg Market, from the eighties? Worth tracking down, will help with the 'education'

You've pulled.

earlier as I'd run out of pickled baby beetroots, and as it's chilly, I had my sandals on WITH SOCKS! Yeah! It felt GOOD!

this morning ,it being a work day I am wearing a dark blue hugo boss slim cut suit with sorta powder blue,turqoise pin and a pair of lloyds brogues bought in London quite a few years ago. One of the few shops that could fit my little feat.

I've made an effort to watch my diet as I got tired of having to carry that weight. The suit fits pretty well again so feeling rather pleased about that.

Oh and an all cotton sorta powder blue turqoise shirt bought for $A20 from Costco.They have multiple sleeve fittings and I'm over paying ridiculous amounts on shirts.

a hit man and I claim my five pounds.

I love my plain black hoody. It's got a hole in. This makes me sad, and I'm hanging onto it for as long as Mrs Bob will allow.

I am also wearing some trousers.

I'm off to Glastonbury for lunch tomorrow, and will be wearing my lilac t-shirt, om sign or pentagram necklace (I haven't decided which), black jeans and ashram creepers if it's clement.

Today, it's Fruit Of The Loom leisure pants and my Pentangle t-shirt. I'd post a pic of that but I don't know how to.

Pictures please. No, not you, the one posting just after you.

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