Public Service Broadcasting

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What's it called?: 
Inform - Educate - Entertain
What does it sound like?: 
Take archive audio, add a large dash of NEU! and electronica, and you have one affecting and moving album. More hooks than Robson Green's tackle box are deployed to support audio from British and American public information films and movies. Many of the tracks will be well-known to 6 Music listeners, including the current single Signal 30, which manages to make road safety amusing and terrifying at the same time. I particularly enjoy Lit Up (music and narrator alike can be described as such!), Everest and The Now Generation, perhaps the lightest track of the album. The last track is a bit downbeat but overall an album I think most Afterworders would enjoy.
What does it all *mean*?: 
Retrofuturism has been with us for a while, and PSB do share something with Kraftwerk in that respect, as well as occasional similarities in sound. I look forward to seeing them live next week in their corduroy stage outfits.
Goes well with …: 
Gets me pumped up during the walk to work. There is a certain amount of Boy's Own-style derring-do which gets the adrenaline going call-centre training.
Might suit people who like …: 
"Krautrock" and instrumentals with a message.


...being a sucker for samples and bigbeats I'm enjoying PSB along with Colourbox, BAD and Dreadzone

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