Reverb, reverb - brilliant surf guitar Bowie covers

What's it called?: 
Ziggy Played Surf Guitar
What does it sound like?: 
This is the latest CD from that cottage industry of idiosyncratic genius, Cordelia Records. Various surf instrumental bands have been asked to cover one of David Bowie's songs, to often stunning effect. The quality here is uniformly high, with a range of original interpretations and styles. Surfer Jet City by The Pterodactyls rocks like a bastard, while at the other end of the spectrum, the Bowbridge Band's slowed down lounge version of Let's Dance is a treat. The Thurston Lava Tube's version of Ziggy Stardust is ace, with some groovy organ and the TommorowMen's Moonage Daydream weaves in a bit of Wipe Out? All the interpretations are good though and like all the best covers say something new about the original. My only disappointment was the absence of Bowie's best number, The Laughing Gnome from the tracklist - but wait! It's there as an uncredited hidden track, complete with the best guitar solo on the whole album. Perfect.
What does it all *mean*?: 
I am not Mr Bowie's greatest fan, his irritating, affected vocals and often absurd lyrics being somewhat off-putting. However, even I concede that he has some corking tunes - so what's a boy to do? This album solves that conundrum!
Goes well with …: 
This album has been my constant companion on my drive to work for the last couple of weeks. It's made the car a little bubble of sunshine and joy through the sometimes appalling weather. I imagine it goes well with sunshine too.
Might suit people who like …: 
Do you like to have yours spirits lifted by inventive, melodic, guitar-driven instrumentals? You do? Then this album is for you. Check it out at, where other delights await you.


That sounds amazing!

And so is their album of Frank Zappa covers, if not quite so tuneful.

i,m listening to it now and it,s rather pleasant..I,m a bit of a Bowie disciple and this shouldn,t really work, but it does!

Just downloaded The Man Who Sold The World, Life On Mars, and Speed OF Life for starters. Enjoying it!

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