Robin Ince's Bad Book Club

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Robin Ince
It's about: 
A highly readable and very amusing bit of toilet reading from Robin Ince, a man with lots of time for reading, as he travels to and from gigs, and a penchant for scouring charity shops. In fact the title is misleading — better descriptions of the books would include idiosyncratic and downright bizarre. Highlights include the bitter autobiography of Don Estelle, reviews of classic mid-period Mills & Boon, Guy N Smith's Crabs series, a book proffering inexplicably detailed reviews of stag films, Terry Major-Ball's life story and the incomparable Secrets of Picking Up Sexy Girls. And many many more.
Length of read: 
Might appeal to people who enjoyed: 
Dave Gorman, Jon Ronson, Radio 4 comedy.
One thing you've learned: 
The pros and cons of having sex in railway sidings.


if I remember correctly.

...and we like tramps.


I had heard of this tome previously and an acquaintance who has read it assures me it's as weirdly compelling as its reputation suggests.

It also fetches surprising sums on eBay. There's an auction going on this minute for a copy, which has already reached £25.

I got it out of the library at lunch time and had to stifle laughter reading the intro before I got back to my desk. This is a good sign.

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