Sigur Ros

Paul Waring's picture
O2 Apollo, Manchester
3 March 2013
A stage initially screened with gauze suggested there might be a degree of detachment between the audience and band tonight. Not at all - the screen allowed for some marvellous effects for the first few numbers as images were projected in front of the band, who were visible in outline and silhouette only. When the screen lifted, if anything the spectacle only improved as did the connection with the band themselves. Sigur Ros are possibly unique in bands I love, in that I could name barely three or four individual tracks and sing along lustily to none - but that doesn't matter when the music and pure sound is as beautiful as this - fragile as glass one minute, hard as volcanic rock the next. Augmented by brass and string, the band give themselves second billing to the music, Jonsi barely playing the frontman. But it all works - atmospheric, moving, sometimes puzzling but always involving. Pins could be heard dropping in the quieter bits.
The audience: 
A good mix of young/old/male/female. All enthralled, very little talking when the band were playing. Would that it were like this all the time.
Food & drink: 
A burrito and beer at Barburrito beforehand. A Carling at the venue. Guess which I enjoyed more.
It made me think: 
You don't need to understand the words to appreciate the beauty.


In every sense of the word, that gig will stay with me for a very long time.


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