The Silver Seas Whelans Dublin

Springer Bell's picture
29 June 2013

There are a few of us heading to this gig. If anyone is interested in joining our merry band make yourselves known. It's a Saturday so the crack should be good. This message goes out to Afterworders worldwide!


...their show at Whelans last year was brilliant.

Too true. Brilliant gig but not that crowded. We might meet up for a few scoops before. I don't know if the contact feature works on the Afterword site but I'm on @SpringerBell_ on twitter if you want to get in touch.

...looking forward to it.

So far John Connolly+1 Me +1 and StevenC will be there. It's a mini mingle for sure! We'll have to work out a secret code to recognise each other. Are you on twitter?

Hi Springer, sorry can't make it.
I live down country - Dungarvan to be exact and week before darling daughters wedding - so will be under pressure
Heard Daniel Tashian interviewed on Rocking Vicar podcast a couple of weeks ago also played tracks from new album. Really liked it. Should be a brilliant gig.
Thanks for invite.

...can I suggest Anseo, the best pub in the neighbourhood. Pink carnation and a copy of the Sporting Life...

Not sure I can make drinks beforehand. Saturday is shaping up to be quite complicated but I'll do my best to be there.

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